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Kansas spring turkey hunting season starts the first of April with archery only season followed by the opener for gun season running until the end of May. Two over the counter spring turkey tags may be purchased by resident and no-resident hunters. Kansas allows all day long spring turkey hunting and both toms may be harvested the same day or on separate days.


Kansas spring turkey season within Mid-America Hunting Association is over any of our private hunting lease land covering several of the Kansas spring turkey hunting management units. It is common for Association hunters to combined a Kansas spring turkey hunt during the spring season overlap period with either the shorter Iowa or Missouri spring turkey seasons making up to five spring turkey tags available across the three states.

Due to Kansas' long running season and much acreage it is tough to see another turkey hunter. Peak hunter use period during the kansas spring turkey season has been the week just prior tot he Missouri opening week. The earlier Kansas archery only and the last two weeks of May are the most underused portion of the Kansas spring turkey season.


A second aspect of the later Kansas spring season is the warmer May weather when the need for long underwear has been eliminated. This comfort level along with toms looking for ever increasingly harder to find hens makes for many a quick hunt.

It is the senior citizen hunter and member that makes the most use of this part of the season and for those weather and easy tom reasons. This is in addition to nearly non-existent hunter pressure, plenty of land to select from and the ease by which a telephone call gains access to that land.


Take a look at the snapshot=t of the background cover this tom was harvested in. A lot of open ground requiring staying put and good personal camouflage.

An outgrowth of this senior citizen Kansas spring turkey hunter has been the introduction of grandchildren to this hunt discipline.

While an extreme minority amongst all of our Kansas spring turkey hunters there is a very worthwhile effort by several to ensure that adequate patients enhanced by the warmer weather brings into play the next generation of tom seeking hunters. This is similar to many husbands that take the first, cooler portion, of the season for themselves to hunt and then coax their wives into a later hunt allowing for more field time and the enhanced willingness of the wife to be in the field when it is nicer to be so.

Kansas spring turkey also offers a range of breeding phases from being hard henned up the early weeks, to increasingly greater noon and later afternoon freelancing from hens to being almost to total all day long bachelor status by the last week.


Just average guys wanting to have a good hunt without hassle of tracking down landowners or competing on public land.

Being out in the field during all three phases brings into understanding the actually short breeding and long running spring season. The combination of both adds up to making for a better hunter that is more knowledgeable about toms and hens from first hand experience by direct observation. This is much different than the hunter whose choices are to hunt during a spring school break or a short home state season and do so only during a narrow portion of the breeding season.

It is this difference in experience that enhances the nuance and subtleties separating the casual from the dedicated hunter with the latter drawing on more experience that always enhances success potential. Our Kansas spring season offers just this type of opportunity.

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