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Kansas turkey hunting leaseKansas turkey hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association is:

Self guided.

On Private land, see map right.

No feeders all 100% wild turkeys.

Season long.

Hunters choice of when to hunt and choice of land.

All tags.

Scouting encouraged.

Fall and spring turkey season.

Return for fall deer hunting.

Kansas turkey hunting

Klint, two Kansas Rio Grande Turkeys.

Other than our above bullets about our Kansas turkey hunting all else is just as spring season hunting anywhere. Except...

What Is Different About Kansas Turkey Hunting

A frequently commented aspect of our do it yourself Kansas turkey hunting is how scouting is by binoculars rather than shock call.

Self guided turkey huntsFirst day or two spend scouting finding, then roosting a flock. Afterwards hunters connect the dots from roost to flydown area to strutting areas and day long feeding fields. After that, it is nearly a mechanical process to setup, interdicting any route between two or more of these points.

Then comes frustration with Kansas hunting season allowing all day long hunts. Hunters who find success setting in ambush near a roost at flydown invariably fails at route interdiction techniques at return to roost. During afternoon hunts and evening hunts Kansas hunters find great failure. All the more so when seeking to fill a second tag from one flock, in one day.

Kansas late afternoon hunts or return to roost hunts are an unknown to majority of morning hunt only hunters. Most repeat an afternoon hunt learning process the same way they stumbled through learning how to hunt a morning flydown. Those who think they know how to morning hunt effectively with years of success at it frequently find only frustration when attempting a reverse process for a late afternoon/early evening return to roost hunt.

Turkeys move differently late in the day. Individual birds react differently. Soon hunters learn a prime attraction for this return to roost hunt for all toms and hens is a roost branch. Late in a day turkeys appear to have a single minded, un-distractible, straight ahead approach to getting a good nights rest. Having such an experience leaves many of these same hunters to find that setting up for noon time or later strutting area hunts to be far more effective.

Kansas turkey hunting offers hunters a chance to do more than ambush a morning flydown. Daytime strutting area hunts, return to roost hunts make for an entire day of turkey hunting. A new experience for those from morning only states.

Private Land Kansas Turkey Hunting

Julie's one of several. Take note of this Kansas country side of large fields.

Mid-America Hunting Association Kansas Hunting

Kansas turkey hunting relative to Mid-America Hunting association provides that all too hard to come by turkey hunting resource of private land.

Kansas wild turkey hunting is by OTC tags, all day long hunting for fall and spring turkey season and Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey makes Kansas a flexible turkey hunting state that will fit into anyone's schedule.

With Kansas having liberal turkey hunting seasons combined with Mid-America Hunting Association having a flexible approach of turkey hunting all season long on private lease land, few turkey hunters have reason to stay home. We will take much mystery out of where to go turkey hunting within productive Kansas regions. On turkey productive cover/food.

Kansas spring turkey season

Jon's two at one setup.

Missouri Spring Season Hunting Output Greater Than Kansas

With all that Kansas turkey hunting has to offer it is often overshadowed by its high output neighbor, Missouri.

Missouri can boast its country high turkey harvest rate due to accurate accounting through its check-in system requiring all harvested birds to be counted. Kansas does not have any such requirement leaving it to simple and incomplete voluntary turkey hunter surveys accounting for toms harvested.

This leaves many to believe that Kansas turkey hunting is far better than what is nationally advertised through state wildlife department and magazine article writers. That is fine with us. Kansas turkey hunts are good, bird numbers high, plenty of flocks and the scouting is easy.

What our Kansas turkey hunters have told us are comparisons with Texas is that our Rio Grande Turkey populations outnumbering those in Texas. Missouri hunters tell of how easier Kansas Rios are easier to call in. Northern states hunters are surprised at how easy it is to get spring turkey tags.

Most agree there is far less turkey hunter pressure as evident by motel parking lot hunter encounters and shots heard in field. What has surprised us however is how video makers have ignored our long duration open field Kansas turkey hunting. They allow much footage of toms in open, green fields. Most videos involve woody areas where bits and parts of any strutting toms are captured on film leaving much to one's imagination.

Many who have been Kansas turkey hunting report watching their harvested tom for 40 minutes coming into call. From those new to Kansas turkey hunting comes how relaxing our hunts are compared to run and gun techniques often employed elsewhere.

Kansas Rio Grande Turkey Hunting.

Kansas spring turkey season.

Live field pictures.

Spring season cover.

About us as turkey hunters.

Fall turkey hunting.


Self guided turkey hunts.

Wild turkey hunts only.

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