Missouri Duck Hunting - Self Guided on Private Wetlands

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Waterfowl Hunting in MAHA

Missouri duck hunting blinds, water level pictures, wetlands aerials are at our main Missouri private land duck hunting map page.

What We Provide

Missouri duck hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association is:

From Association built permanent blinds, wade-in areas or lay-out boats.

On private existing Missouri wetlands enhanced by us allowing planting, flooding & water level control.

What each Hunter Gets

Each duck hunter may occupy any blind across any wetlands. Moving to where ducks may be at any time during any season time period within north or middle Missouri waterfowl zones.

Hunters Provide

Duck hunters provide their own equipment, decoys, skill. Association provides a reservation system so all will know prior to leaving home where they will be hunting on any given day.

Duck hunters may get out any time during all seasons from early teal, regular waterfowl, late goose, through spring goose. None are ever denied to spend time on water or field. All will have a choice of spots each day.

Missouri duck hunting wetlands

An Association Missouri wetlands.

Duck hunting wetlands map for Missouri. Big Creek Missouri Wetlands waterfowl hunting Cass County Missouri Nevada duck wetlands Grand Pass Fountain Grove Missouri waterfowl hunting

Location of all Missouri wetlands.

Click map labels to look at more aerials and water level pictures of blinds, wade-in areas and more.

missouri duck huntingDanny (left) Dexter (right) on their first season with MAHA. A low rainfall year. Pictured on a natural slough.

Association's Missouri wetlands are as good or better than any other waterfowl areas to be found. Blinds are stable - we duck hunt knowing full well what other duck hunters want. Most agree our duck hunts are as good as weather and migration will allow.

missouri waterfowlAnother father son team hunting mostly Missouri's middle zone.

ATV's are permitted. ATV's may be used from the designated parking area, along trails shown on our waterfowl maps. Camouflaged once parked where hunting.

Duck limitMissouri opening morning, north zone. A warm weather part of Missouri's season.

Missouri hunting

duck and goose

Not every day is like this.

Missouri Duck Hunting How It Works

All who are allocated a slot gain access to an online map library with aerials. Each spot/blind/pool is numbered. Each would reserve a numbered spot for any days he wants.

Space available accommodates 161 duck hunters. We cap at 120. Meaning around 135 will be on our wetlands at some point through any season. All have a choice of spots each day.

No one will be unhappy due to wetlands quality.

Duck Blinds

Duck hunting with details.

Layout options.

Field goose - late and spring season.

Self guided duck hunters only.

Versatile dog choices.

Canada Goose.

Late season goose hunting.

Snow goose hunts.

Waterfowl gallery.

Read what waterfowl hunters have to say.

Missouri Wetlands details.

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