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Missouri hunting offers our best waterfowl, better turkey hunts plus good wild quail and whitetail deer all with online licenses for all seasons.

2017 Missouri Hunting Lease Land

Missouri hunting land listed by county name and land acreage in that county available for hunting.

Private hunting land

All but our Taney county land is within Missouri's agricultural region of 45 - 50% land use in farming. Predominate Missouri crops of soybean and corn in north. Some wheat or milo in south. Remaining land is wooded or brushed drainage's cutting through crop fields connecting wood patches.

Missouri Deer

Self Guided Deer Hunts

Hunt your trophy of choice. We offer deer hunting. We never talk that all will have a chance on a top 25% buck.

We often though that if this state would become a competitive deer tag draw state it would have a reputation equal to Kansas, Iowa or Illinois all of which surround us. However, since Missouri's hunting is by statewide tags being OTC purchased many believe Missouri's deer are small, not worth a trip. Locals do not believe this. Non-residents that do are missing a great opportunity to expand their deer season.

Missouri archery deer season begins September 15 running through January 15. Two deer, two turkey are permitted on a single Missouri archery tag. Missouri offers much bow huntable ground.

Missouri rifle deer season is during peak rut in middle of November. Modern gun season is before that of Iowa and Kansas allowing all to gun hunt two states each year without overlapping seasons. Missouri firearms tag is good for one buck. It includes both modern rifle and muzzleloader seasons.

Missouri muzzleloader seasons fits between the Missouri modern or rifle season in middle November before Iowa's or Kansas' modern gun seasons during late November through early December. Those who have time could hunt 5+ weeks worth of seasons on one trip. Missouri muzzleloader allows inline, solid pellet powder, scopes.

Missouri deer lease land showing aerial, ground pictures.

Missouri deer lease.

Deer hunter success pictures, stories.

Missouri Turkey

Turkey Hunting

Missouri hunting allows average work-a-day hunters who typically hunt a week during fall deer then a long weekend spring turkey hunt.

What is reasonable is to be on turkey every day hunted.

Anyone that knows wild turkey knows about Missouri's national reputation for not only a lot of turkeys, but big toms. Our average mature Missouri crop fed tom runs between 22 and 27 pounds, over 10 inch beards, many with over 1 inch spurs.

We take wild turkey self guided hunts make them better in land reservations are made to individual numbered private farms. When the hunter goes there he is alone. Alone to work toms in peace.

Missouri turkey hunting.

Missouri fall turkey season.

Missouri spring turkey season.

North Missouri turkey hunting.

Self guided turkey hunts.

Turkey hunter success pictures, stories.

Missouri Hunting Offers Our Best Waterfowl

Missouri Duck Hunting

Not every Missouri Hunting day is a greenhead day.

Missouri offers our best waterfowl hunting. All on enhanced natural wetlands or crop field sets.

We manage several wetlands, permanent blinds, several lay-out boat or wade-in areas of timber, sloughs through open water.

Goose hunters will enjoy thousands of acres of crop land within three Missouri River sub-basins. All may first scout where geese are. Then set up nearby. This allows goose hunters to go where geese are rather than setup somewhere hoping they show up.

Those with dogs will enjoy early duck, mid season pheasant hunting, peak migration duck hunts, end January pheasant hunting followed by late goose through spring goose seasons. That is for those who have a high level of energy. Others may simply pick the part of the available seasons they like most.

Advance to our main self guided private land duck hunting web section. Or, center focus on greater detail about our Missouri waterfowl hunting.

Missouri Quail

Missouri quail hunting

Missouri hunting offers much crop edge wild quail coveys for those who have dogs to hunt them. Most of it along the many crop fields of north Missouri. Crop fields cut by miles of wet or dry drainage's of timber and brush.

Quail hunters will enjoy having more places to hunt than season days allow. All get an extra bit of motivation of seeing new land each hunt. Quail are as tough of a hunt as we offer with as much of Missouri's quail shooting through trees as well as open sky. Less than limit days more likely than limits. Any one with any dog willing to walk should find a covey or more every day. As hunts progress through any one season subsequently over seasons coveys finds increase with greater first hand experience on our land.

Missouri quail hunts in greater detail.

See some quail hunter reviews.

Missouri quail cover in field perspective pictures.

Quail lease.

Self guided quail hunts.

Wild quail only.

Upland bird in general.

Deer Turkey Quail Pheasant Duck Lease

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