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Missouri hunting leaseA Missouri hunting lease is predominate in terms of a turkey/deer lease or a waterfowl lease. Mid-America Hunting Association has both.

Deer Lease

Missouri hunting lease of deer land is within grain farming areas of north Missouri. A sought after area by surrounding big city hunters. Combined with over counter tags, a matured four point one side regulation has driven up Missouri's hunting lease costs. Often beyond reach of many.

To secure a sufficient sized Missouri deer lease requires in general terms more than 500 acres. Within this 500 aces, in Missouri's grain farming regions, 55% of land use will be in farming. Corn and soybeans predominate. Remaining land will be non-farmed land as caused by many rivers and tributaries. If that 500 acres belongs to a small acreage family farm it is likely cattle will occupy part or all of any non-grain farm Turkey Lease acres. This is where we have advantage. It has collective buying power to excel past small family farms to acquire large corporate farm lease acreage.

Corporate farms are commodity oriented operation into grains only. This leaves wildlife areas to wildlife rather than cattle as on a small acreage farm. We bring these large acreage farms back into reach of average work-a-day hunters.

Most average hunters or group of hunters could not afford demanded costs to lease a corporate farm greater than 10,000 acres. MAHA can. It then has a membership price structure well within reach of average hunters. Hunters are then able to hunt land he would otherwise never be able to access.

Missouri hunting lease for deer.

Missouri lease having turkey.

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Duck Lease

Missouri duck lease

Missouri is well known as a "Rivers State" within the Central Lowlands. With most of north Missouri within the Lower Missouri River Basin there is a lot of duck attraction. There is plenty of water, moving, still, natural or manmade. Water combined with corn/soybean grain farm land gives a combination duck holding spots. Ducks bring hunters, competition for any water floodable land. All makes a Missouri hunting lease for any description of waterfowl our most expensive Missouri lease we acquire.

Missouri is a rare place where swamp land or any land that can be flooded is prime real-estate. Duck hunters made that happen. Hunting lease costs reflects this.

To duck hunt in Missouri means to join a club, hunt with a guide, hunt any of many state or federal waterfowl managed wetlands, or hunt with us.

MAHA's advantage is having several wetlands, north and middle zone, allowing hunters to flex to where ducks are.

Private Missouri wetlands hunting

One of our wetlands.

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