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Missouri Quail Hunt

"Libby and I enjoyed a nice day hunting earlier on some prime Missouri habitat. We had to walk for our birds, but ended up finding 4 nice coveys and another which was scattered and wild." Kevin

missouri quail hunting

Missouri offers both open and closed in quail shooting.

Quail dog on point

Quail singles are hunted typically offering more than six additional points after each covey flush.

bobwhite quail

Quail hunters typically bag one, rarely more than two, quail per covey to keep their dog motivated. A daily limit could easily be bagged from one covey. Most however hunt to enjoy their dog. Conserving coveys allowing them to be hunted over years. More important to have many coveys marked on maps making future hunts. Most Association quail pups get into more quail their first season than can be achieve anywhere. A four covey day with six or more singles points after covey flush gives plenty of dog work plus we do not have snakes or cactus.

Missouri quail hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association is on 100% wild quail along private land grain field crop edge cover for self guided hunters. Missouri quail hunting begins on November first running through January 15. Eight quail daily limit.

Our Missouri quail hunting are on private land without time loss of knocking on doors. Plus avoidance of public hunting lands hunter mentality. Our quail hunters will be quail hunting throughout the entire daylight hours. Doing so without mixing their dogs with others.

All hunts are self guided. We will recommend to new members where to park his truck, step out and hunt. After that all hunters hunt on their own.

All may hunt as often as desired compliant to Missouri State and MAHA regulations.

Missouri quail hunting benefits include Missouri's season is open to non-residents same as for residents.

Missouri has miles of soft edge quail habitat of narrow bands of low to ground cover between wooded areas and grain crop fields.

Those with willingness to walk, shooting ability and dog power will be hunting quail coveys and singles every day.

Missouri quail hunting consequences while few do impact hunt quality. Early part of November is typically warm. Most hunters and dogs will feel effects of heat fatigue.

Missouri has an OTC state wide deer tag for all creating sufficient deer hunter pressure to cause us to close Missouri quail hunting during rifle deer two week, mid-November, season due to safety concerns.


Just a reminder to those with too much pride in their pointing dogs. Missouri quail hunting with a flushing dog is possible. Or, Missouri has quail enough that hunting by those with tenacity to keep trying get into coveys.

Quail Retrieve

Great days.

No limits quail hunting

We will never publish only limit pictures. To do so would set up unrealistic expectations. Missouri quail hunting is simply just too hard for any one hunter of any dog to expect to get a limit every day.

2017 Missouri Hunting Land

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Missouri quail hunting in field shots.

Self guided quail hunts.

Quail hunting quality.

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