November 22, 2019 Update


Jon, I can’t remember if I sent you the picture of the deer I took in KS 2017 so included it now. In 2017 I had scouted (delete) County several times and was able to shoot this buck pictured in the pickup bed the first morning I hunted. I had my decoy out and this buck and another 5 X 5 came in at the same time. I was able to get a shot at 30 yards and he piled up within sight. This year 2019 was much different as I hunted for 7 days in (delete) County and saw a total of 5 deer. With the full moon and nicer weather the deer movement for mature animals was nocturnal. We stuck with it knowing from the deer sign in the area that the deer where there. This buck showed himself right at sundown. I was able to call him in to 30 yards with the grunt and growl call. After the shot he ran about 40 yards and died right by the deer cart. I was extremely pleased with this buck as he was mature and had a huge body. Another great hunt thanks to MAHA and all the effort providing quality ground to hunt, Thanks again.