Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa

Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey Hunting, three states, eight week spring season, five spring tags, plus additional fall tags. We boast an exceptional turkey success ratio compared to the state averages.

One price for all plus fall deer seasons. See cost details. 

Kansas Turkey Hunting

Kansas private land covers 8 management units. All lease land is within grain farm country.

Kansas for Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey.

Residents and non-residents alike may buy online two spring tags and more in the fall.

The spring season is 8 weeks long. A youth and archery only season before the gun season opens. Fall season allows the use of dogs. Spring and fall season is all day long.

Further research on Kansas Rio Grande and Eastern.

Missouri Turkey Hunting

Missouri deer hunting

Missouri deer hunting overlaps both the older and newer four point one side zones.

Resident and non-residents access to two spring over the counter tags and more in the fall.

The spring season is three weeks long hunting until 1 PM. Fill the afternoon with deer scouting or fishing any of our lakes and ponds.

Missouri’s spring season overlaps that of Kansas and some of the Iowa seasons.

More information about Missouri.

Iowa Turkey Hunting

Iowa Land Acreage

Iowa zone 4 with one draw tag. Leftovers maybe available for purchase.

Non-residents may hunt spring season only.

South central Iowa land makes a combined north Missouri hunt easily done.

This Iowa land overlaps Iowa deer zones 4 and 5.

Iowa zone 4 turkey hunting.