Turkey Hunting

Self-Guided Private Land Turkey Hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.

Choose From 160,000+ Acres Spread Across 78 Counties in 3 Top Producing States.

Every farm has been physically scouted and leased directly from the landowner.

All farms are posted and mapped on county road maps with aerial photos and GPS coordinates.

All hunting is controlled by a telephone or online reservation/map system to ensure each day you have a farm or spot reserved for your exclusive use.

Zero in on one state and one tag or attempt to hunt multiple states and fill multiple tags. Up to 5 spring turkey tags may be purchased.

The Mid-America Hunting Association’s spring turkey season is 8 weeks long.

We boast of our exceptional turkey success ratio compared to the states averages.

The Association turkey hunter gallery shows proof of performance. Turkey Gallery


Kansas Turkey Hunting


Kansas leases cover all Management Units except Unit 4 which is extreme Southwest Kansas. The Northern and Eastern regions traditionally have the largest concentration of turkey on MAHA leased land.

The Kansas land is predominately Eastern Turkey but also includes Rio Grande Turkey in the Northwest region.

Residents and non-residents can purchase a Kansas hunting license and 2 spring turkey tags over the counter or online. Additional fall tags may be purchased also.

The spring turkey season is 8 weeks long which includes a youth and archery only season prior to the firearms season.

Shooting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. Turkey hunting is allowed all day.

Limit: One turkey with a visible beard per permit or game tag. Two birds may be harvested the same day.

Last season in Kansas we hosted 88 spring turkey hunters on 94,652 acres in 35 counties. 

Missouri Turkey Hunting

Missouri has always been one of the top, if not top spring turkey states in the country. Last spring season Missouri harvested 35,789 birds. Missouri turkey are the Eastern. 

Tags can be purchased over the counter or online. Small Game permits are not required to purchase a spring turkey tag. Fall tags are also available.

The spring season is three weeks long. Shooting hours are one half hour before sunrise to 1 pm.

Limit: Two bearded birds during the season: Only one bird during the first week; If you don’t take one during the first week, you may take two during the second and third week; You may not take two turkeys on the same day.



Last season in Missouri we hosted 149 spring turkey hunters on 59,715 acres in 35 counties. 

Iowa Turkey Hunting

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Land in south central Iowa Zone 4, which overlaps Iowa Deer Units 4 and 5 with timber and creek bottoms similar to north Missouri.

One non-resident spring turkey tag by draw with a high draw ratio.. The draw period is usually the month of January. 

Land overlaps Iowa deer zones 4 and 5.

Four split seasons.

Shooting hours one half hour before sunrise to sunset. Turkey hunting is allowed all day.

Our Iowa success ratio is typically the highest of all 3 states, but the tags are expensive and you can only harvest one bird. 

Last season in Iowa we hosted 20 spring turkey hunters on 10,037 acres in 8 Counties.

Spring Turkey Hunting Pressure

The same scenario for deer holds true for turkey.  We currently have over 165,000 acres in 3 states spread across 79 counties.   During the 2019-2020 season we had 1,036 turkey hunting spots.   The average turkey spot is 160 acres m/l.  

During the 2019-20 season MAHA hosted 207 total spring turkey hunters spread across 3 states for 3 seasons from early April through May 31st. If all 207 turkey hunters hunted at the same time, that would average 864 m/l acres per hunter. Not all our land has a huntable turkey population, but most of it does. Note: Members can hunt multiple states for multiple seasons, so those members will be counted numerous times.


Below is the number of spring turkey hunters by state that hunted MAHA land in 2018 – 2020 seasons. 

2020       Iowa 20                                       Kansas 88                                                  Missouri 149

2019       Iowa 17                                       Kansas 104                                                Missouri 122

2018       Iowa 17                                       Kansas 116                                                Missouri 153