Spring Turkey

Spring Turkey

Paired ground and birds-eye photos have been a good means by which to establish reasonable expectations in those new to central mid-west spring turkey. Our season is spent on agricultural land. Open cover which may be completely unfamiliar to some. Especially those who hunt big woods turkeys.

Spring TurkeyFlock above was photographed while we were on a land run to evaluate current leases. Only a small part of a large flock is pictured.

Ground picture above is from just before opener. Aerial at right a summer picture.

Ground picture orientation represented by white arrow. Red out line is one piece of a larger lease having several such properties. A spot without much value determinate by its looks from 3,000 feet above.

We have found through years of working with many first time central mid-west hunters some too quick to dismiss a farm. Due to overhead pictures rather than foot scouting. Some good turkey hunts have come from seemingly “poor” farms.

Late Spring Turkey Season Hunts

Late spring turkey hunts often a stated concern. Some believing a first week trip is best for success.

A converse idea is early spring turkeys breed much, hens willing. Calling/decoy needs to be well executed to pull a tom off a hen. Late season hens are on nest with toms continuing to prowl. Or, more willing to respond to less than best calling/decoying.

These two pictures are from June 10 on an early, no till, soybean field.

No hens in sight in any direction. This tom was responding to our mouth call.