Reasonable Turkey Hunting Expectations

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Reasonable Turkey hunting expectations for those new to this Association of quality.

Cold overcast winter day.

Reasonable turkey hunting expectations

With a large percentage of our hunters traveling in from out of state much information we present on this web site is for those unfamiliar with our area.

An average winter shown above. Our winters on both measures of cold temperatures and snow cover are rarely a detriment to large turkey flocks. Our turkeys remain feeding through winter, fat come spring, hens strong to lay high quality eggs.

How We Will Do That

Steps at developing reasonable turkey hunting expectation begins by examination of services provided. Then what we don't provide. Supporting with how to develop confidence in both before applying for membership.

Provided Services

We provide is private lease land of good right cover/food within a productive region of Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. Land access is by reservation. Each may hunts as manu spots as he cares to develop. Reservations allow pressure management. Additive is a local lodging listing. Finally, recommendations of where to begin any scout/hunt effort.

Reasonable expectations? To be left alone to execute a hunt.

We Do Not Provide

No feeders. No guided hunts. No sharing of land. No day hunts.

Self Guided Hunters Do

Provide their own licensing, transportation, meals, lodging, skill.


How to prove everything we say remains a challenge..

Tags filled is reasonable


A Process

First. Many current members have told us over years was an effective pre-joining research method was to first read our rules.

Rules, called conditions of membership, clearly establish a relationship between hunter and Association. They will also be a good source to develop some questions hopefully clarifying differences between items hunters would like to experience and which we provide.


Larry with a second.

Second. The next step would be to read some turkey hunter testimonials.

Many exist. Only a few need be read to gain a variety of perspectives from others finding topics important to their hunt.

Assumption is anyone who takes effort to write they only write parts they enjoyed. Hunter testimonials will also allow development of questions designed to fill voids between expectations compared to MAHA services.

Reasonable expectations

Larry's buddy

Write down all questions. Call us to hear answers. If we agree after an initial conversation we can work together, then we will offer names and telephone numbers of more long experienced hunter/members than most will want to call. Objective to calling these member/references is ask one set questions, gauge consistency of responses as a measure of reasonable turkey hunting expectations.

An effective technique to ensure a good evaluation of reference responses may be take all questions from rules or testimonials along with MAHA partner answers. Narrow them all down to two most important. Value of this is to get to core decision criteria. (These limits prevent over extending good nature of member/references.)

All should remember references are so due to their good nature. They receive nothing for their time. Most are work-a-day folks who in post work hours seek to unwind. To interrupt them is permissible, to overextend their courtesy doesn't gain substantive responses.

In any case of developing reasonable turkey hunting expectations not all has been written here. It does take boots on ground. Put your money down and take your chances. Or, individual expectations can only be satisfied by direct experience. Our experience of reasonable, is skilled do it yourself turkey hunters of wild turkeys in a fair chase completely natural environment have great potential fill all tag(s).

Decision Time

For those who decide to try a season with us we will offer observations of how tags get filled.

First, get recommendations from, Jon Nee or John Wenzel, of where to start a scout or hunt effort.

Next, pre-season scout. Or, at least take your first day on ground to scout.

A gentleman who has extra ability at decoying/calling arts, told us his hunt is a day before looking for where birds are, his second day is a shoot.

Setup, call and decoy hunters are far more successful than run & gunners. Remember hunters must change tactics to accommodate terrain. Our birds feed in crop fields. Not acorn or oak patches. Our woods are thin, not thick like in north and south USA. Turkeys with their zoom lens eyeball will detect any hunter movement across our open ground.

Take time. Birds are there. Land a plenty. Take effort setting up a hunt. Objective is finding a flock, its roost, flydown, strutting, dusting, feeding spots. Doing so allows interdiction of any at hunter's choosing. It is far more likely hunters themselves rather than any other factor will break a hunt. A reasonable approach rather than just diving in.

Those who report their most exciting/enjoyable hunts have taken time developing a specific locality of leases. A handful of spots covering more than one flock/roost. They typically deer hunt this locality as well. Those who concentrate find more golden nugget spots many are blind to until after a trip or two.

After establishing success within one locality it's good to expand out to new regions. An added adventure of new terrain, different birds, different conditions. Expectations include more success by further developing future options..

Reasonable Turkey Hunting Expectations

Hunters who have two localities with multiple flocks identified is reasonable. To have more than that would frequently require taking time away from any other pursuit such as deer season.

Next, fall turkey season.

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