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Private land hunting is our only service we provide.

Self guided private land hunting


Limited Offering

We further limit our private land hunting to self guided hunting. Prohibiting any forms of guided hunts. There are more limitations.

No sharing of any land. To no one or other group. No variable plans or memberships.

Operation limitation include road mile and hours capable of keeping eye on all leases. That keeps us in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas. Oklahoma has too limited range of wildlife. Nebraska too limited in productive cover. Illinois to far to monitor. Where we have private land hunting is where hunters get a good return on effort spent. Better than we can find elsewhere.

Private land hunting


Collective Buying Power

Cost of private landOur approach to private land hunting ground is return to average hunters private land of those farms owned by large operators, investment, trust, corporate landowners who do not have doors to knock on. These business oriented landowners week return on all resources. Hunting rights included. If anyone does find owners of such land they will find their wanting free use of it often denied.

A bottom line bottom orientation to private landownership is dollars. Farming as any other business is a profit endeavor. Farmers turn dirt into consumable resources. Hunting rights are just one more product.

Compounding factors include rural private land is no longer dominated by small farmers. Farming today is dominated by large acreage operations where every aspect of land use is to generate income. Be it crop production, federal subsidies, conservation programs or hunting access. What brings Mid-America Hunting Association into focus is our collective buying power. We can afford to acquire large private acreage.

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Private Land Hunting Economics