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Private land hunting is our only service we provide.

Self guided private land hunting


Limited Offering

We further limit our private land hunting to self guided hunting. Prohibiting any forms of guided hunts. There are more limitations.

No sharing of any land. To no one or other group. No variable plans or memberships.

Operation limitation include road mile and hours capable of keeping eye on all leases. That keeps us in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas. Oklahoma has too limited range of wildlife. Nebraska too limited in productive cover. Illinois to far to monitor. Where we have private land hunting is where hunters get a good return on effort spent. Better than we can find elsewhere.

Private land hunting


Collective Buying Power

Cost of private landOur approach to private land hunting ground is return to average hunters private land of those farms owned by large operators, investment, trust, corporate landowners who do not have doors to knock on. These business oriented landowners week return on all resources. Hunting rights included. If anyone does find owners of such land they will find their wanting free use of it often denied.

A bottom line bottom orientation to private landownership is dollars. Farming as any other business is a profit endeavor. Farmers turn dirt into consumable resources. Hunting rights are just one more product.

Compounding factors include rural private land is no longer dominated by small farmers. Farming today is dominated by large acreage operations where every aspect of land use is to generate income. Be it crop production, federal subsidies, conservation programs or hunting access. What brings Mid-America Hunting Association into focus is our collective buying power. We can afford to acquire large private acreage.

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Private Land Hunting Economics

It takes a good bit of acreage to have options where to post a blind or setup decoys. Choices of hunting location allows hunters to go where his game is at. Contrasting is a small acreage private lease of one spot. That spot better be lucky.

Few individuals and small friendship groups can afford to lease private land of 5,000+ acres let alone tens of thousands of acres. Finding just 5,000 is tough to do.

Not only is it a financial prohibition it also includes most of these landowners think of liability and organizational structure of who is wanting to gain access. This aspect has far greater impact than most hunters will want to believe. Impact is large acreage landowners want to work with a fellow business operation. One with experience plus controls installed to maximize income security, reducing landowner operating procedures, minimize risk. MAHA fills those needs.

Economic Details

Working farmland owners think in values of dollars per acres. Non farm working landowners analyze based on return on investment. Distinctive decision processes. Each affects private land lease offerings.

Dollars Per Acre

Just one model some may consider an extreme. Maybe so. Necessary to get a point across.

Shown below are what working farmers believe their private land is worth per acre. Take its lowest value $12. If wanting to hunt just a thousand acres framers believe their land's value is worth more than most hunters are wiling to pay.

Leasing private land

Source: Kansas farm Facts, published by Kansas Department of Agriculture, 2013

From another source, United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, we learn that 88% of Kansas land is in agriculture with average farms just over 700 acres in size. Kansas number one farm product is cattle with calves number 2. Or, much land where plows do not go is pastured. What is often call waste ground, or wildlife ground.

With average farms around 700 acres. Eighty eight percent in agriculture gives 84 acres for wildlife. On farms with a door to Knock-on to see if hunting rights are negotiable. At this rate just how many doors will need to be knocked to get sufficient acreage allowing options of where to hunt giving turkey preferred cover, roost, nesting, food, water?

Then what is a good price to pay? Eighty four acres at $12/acre is $1,008. Or, more than a country ham, case of fruit, cooler of shrimp, other cheap offerings proffered by knock-on door hunters.

Return On Investment

Non farm working landowners. Those who own land as investment seek return gains compared to outlay costs. They will use charts like above as non-negotiable values. With farm land a competitively sought out resource any landowner will find a choice of those who want to rent it. These investment landowners will get highest dollar.

Of average 700 acre farms taking away 84 of non-agricultural land leaves 616. Dividing that into equal halves of pasture and non-irrigated land gives 308 to crops at $50/acre or $15,400. Plus $12/acre to pasture or $3,696. A total expected return on average ground of $19,096.

For this discussion say an average farm's remaining 84 acres in non-agricultural use is high quality, best possible cover, food, water, loafing ground there could be. What would a hunter offer on those 84 acres just to hunt it?

Our Point

Private land hunting is not as easy as it may appear when just sitting around trying to figure a plan to fulfill some recreational time.

Private land hunter


Mid-America Hunting Association Option

Our annual membership cost is less than monthly land mortgage payments, private leases. Less than equipment costs of bows, guns, dogs, stands etc. Those things hunter's willingly spend money on. Then add flexibility. A factor each hunter in our system has, or three states of several regions to pick when to hunt throughout any season.

Private land spring turkey season.Regardless of any analysis model used it does all come down to private land hunting access being first a roadblock to overcome. Large acreage landowners unless one hunter has a large financial capability he is not going to get access to big private land for free. Small acreage operators have limited hunting choices.

MAHA has structure with financial capability to bring back to average hunters private land controlled by investment landowner, large farming operations, corporations.

There are still some small acreage farms available to search out a door to knock asking free access hunters. Hunters simply need to get out there putting some miles down.

We do caution free access hunters to temper their hypocrisy about paid private land hunting. Most knock on door hunters expect free private land access from landowners. They expect no cost to consume a resource of another. That same hunter is most likely never to give any resource he owns away to another for free. But he does expect that from landowners. Interesting reasoning

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