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Turkey hunting lease benefits bring more to hunters through Mid-America Hunting Association than other hunting lease options.

Please excuse what may be some repetition of information. Every page addresses a specific question received over many years of business. Many questions have some parts equally apply to divergent inquiries.

Classic agricultural area wooded creek bottom.

We are 200 yards away in a blind on a thinly treed fence line right after sunup. Anyone who thinks they can maneuver using run & gun makes a mistake.

We see each spring members with fewest hunting days, scout then set up a blind. Those who take longest typically attempt run & gun. We simply don't have tree cover to hide hunter's daylight movement.

All may try their favored technique to include those that want to run & gun.

Turkey hunting lease


Turkey hunters have a choice of when, where, to how often, with the ability to fill available Iowa, Missouri and Kansas tags. Doing each season. Over multiple turkey hunting leases. Flexibility through a single source not replicated elsewhere. Only self guided. On private land.

Private hunting lease

Mike above and below having a good season.

Not everyone will fill a first or five turkey tags each spring season. Land, flocks are there. It is what hunters can do with them remains a question.

Turkey lease hunter

More Than A Turkey Hunting Lease

We also offer more than spring turkey season. For a flat rate we offer Mule, Whitetail Deer; pheasant, quail; duck and goose hunts as well. On 100% natural game. When it comes to our spring season options, we offer two species, Eastern and Rio Grande.

Good Hunts To Continue A Long Relationship

MAHA approach is lease good habitat within a region of long standing production of good wild turkey hunts. This is opposed to a guided or lodge operation restricted to reasonable driving distance from camp house.

A primary benefit to wild turkey hunting within our system is turkey hunters are not locked into hunting just a single lease that may or may not produce turkeys. He has selection of multiple locations. An ability to change locations over Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and within each state as well. No small feature here. Flocks change from year to year. Any one flock which has been on one roost for many years may the next year be absent never to return.

On each return trip we recommend hunters begin on his favorite spot. After filling a tag he should seek out another roost to build flexibility come next season. Having different farms to look at, different roosts, different setups, etc., each adds to a special quality of do it yourself hunts.

Hunters pay their share of lease costs. Having them come back makes future lease payments. To that end we know what a turkey hunting lease should be. One which will provide such a good time hunters will return for years to come. Should a lease stop being productive we move on. Land will change. Land use evolves, bulldozer farm improvements or land sales cause us to move. Work the two MAHA partners get done. No hunter required work. Hunters just spend their days chasing turkeys.

Hunting lease

Julie's two toms in one season.


Why Pay

Why pay us for a hunter’s choice of where to chase a flock or several - is for convenience we provide.

All a hunter really wants to do is get in a good day. Total of what Association hunters do. We handle lease liability insurance, contract writing, renewal negotiations, enforcement of contractual rights. No hunter time loss with administration.

This administrative burden continues with membership collections, landowner payments, satisfaction of IRS requirements. These are advantages of a our operation in that hunters avoid all additional requirements above making his own hunt.

While a collective or club type approach may not be popular as all hunters want their own special spot, MAHA's approach adds further benefits above that of administrative requirements. These are intangible aspects such as avoiding landowner contact or, dealing with multiple personalities that exist.

MAHA is one way to self guided spring season turkey hunts. In three states. On private leases. Plus coming back come fall to deer, duck, upland bird or fall season turkey.


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