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Turkey hunting recommendations are to numbered/lettered map referenced locations. Received from of of two partner's, Jon Nee/John Wenzel's, own observations They trust themselves above everything else to jump start new to our land hunters.

Common reference for recommendations will be our lease maps. Below

An online library of maps of leased land is available to members. They are road maps showing land locations and how to get to them. Each identified property is linked to an aerial.

turkey hunting recommendtaionsSpot recommendations

To identify a specific turkey spot on this map sheet would be to identify first, its state, then county, unit, finally property number shown by white numbers inside a black highlighted ground.


Duncan County
Unit A
Spot 9b

Spring turkey

Just a picture for us to agree on what we seek.

Two full time partners of Mid-America Hunting Association will talk to new members about recommendations of where to get what they seek. Their recommendations will be based on their boots on ground experience with any lease offered as having good turkey hunt potential. That potential is easily defined.

A hunting club is more about social activity. As a business we seek quality hunts for each hunter. Turkey hunting quality is about feed/cover, reproduction, pressure control. That brings hunters back.

Recommendations due to having seen tracks or turkeys on or adjoining properties.

Recommendations do not mean guarantees. Fall sightings due to changing April-May patterns may move flocks to other farms.

Each should plan a day of any trip to scout recommended ground.

Each subsequent trip should include scouting to set up future hunts.


Turkey hunter

Special day.

Where to park. Parallel to roads.

Hunt lease

Posted sign is one of ours. Hang tag on rear view mirror is Association issued.

Recommendation Acreage

Average turkey spot is 160 acres or a 1/2x1/2 mile square, 1/4 section. In some areas hunters may find themselves on larger leases up to a full section of 640 acres. Other prime spots down to 80 acres.

Acreage size of any recommendations are based on available productive cover. Those on 80 acres will not find a hunter on each 80 acre spot. It is that such farms proved to be prime producers and we do not want to put undue pressure on such leases with hunters randomly walking through them. It comes down to hunt quality. We have good food/cover land under lease, in good grain crop areas. Where strong turkey reproduction exists. To keep hunt quality is to limit hunter pressure. Sub-dividing larger leases is just one of several actions we take to preserve success.

Kansas Rio Grande Turkey

kansas rio grande turkey

Picking through a wheat field harvest in June. Background shows open lands is typical of Rio Grande Turkey country. From any lightly wooded roost area to miles out into open fields. This one having been last year's cut wheat allows us to see them. If they were in native grass they would get by unnoticed.

Next, changing turkey recommendations into scouting.

Rio Grande


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