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Turkey scouting follows along two options, that of pre-season or pre-hunt.

Pre-season turkey scouting is often concurrent to a fall deer trip. Goal is identifying flock locations.

Pre-hunt turkey scouting would encompass a first day or two of any trip itself being scouting days by glassing mostly from vehicle or foot. Once a flock/roost is identified that hunter would reserve any such spot to his use.

Turkey Scouting

Plenty of pictures. Look at background terrain.

turkey scouting

A common comment from those traveling in from big woods states is how easy it is to spot flocks in our central mid-west ground. Turkeys seek easier to eat crop field waste grain or greens than scratch old acorns. Both these pictures are from November deer hunts.

Scouting turkey patterns

A common method: One most advocated by recurring members of those that must travel across state lines to spend some days on Association lease land. It is to spend their first couple of days as scouting days.

Turkey scouting is primarily to identify roost locations, flydown, feed location, water, to connecting movement routes finding placement of setup location. Setup (decoy) hunter is one who does have higher success within our open agricultural region.

All of this is different than with a hunting club that may have feeders posted to concentrate a flock. Without feeders to modify flock behavior Association folks are on a true hunt seeking to interdict natural turkey behavior.

Run & gun hunters often scoff at setup hunts with a natural or manmade blind finding that sedentary method simply too boring. In any case we allow all their own style. Because of freedom of choice we have seen through long number of years many run & gun hunter change his ways. Not just to tag more toms. But also due to ability to have long range, a long time to directly observe toms coming to call. A new pleasure. Some find this a new experience lasting upwards around 40 minutes or longer. Much longer then often heard but unseen big woods tom which shows but 30 seconds before a shot.

Then there are those who find being able to watch a tom which closes without making a sound a thrill. A comment told to us several times each year. Many hill country hunters find this last aspect of open ground turkeys the last straw to try a setup as a means to refine his calling and decoying art.

Just ideas given to us by many over many years. It all begins with turkey scouting -- then call/chase turkeys.

Scouting success

Some want to remain anonymous.

Scouting then hunting

The two above are Randy's friends.


Randy, "...scouting first then setup...".

Turkey Scouting Continued

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