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Iowa hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association is not limited to turkey. Hunters may also deer hunt.

Spring Iowa turkey hunting season, Kevnin a self guided hunter showing a bow turkey harvest.

Kevin, a well skilled bow turkey and whitetail hunter.

2017 Iowa Hunting Land

Iowa hunting land

A Non-Resident Attraction

Iowa's limited turkey and deer tags prevents many from acquiring their own lease. To lease land but one year in several when tags are drawn is a workload excessive to average work-a-day folks free time.

A common approach many take through us is to combine a spring turkey hunt on years anticipating success on Iowa's deer tag draw. A spring hunt would be as much as a deer scouting trip. Come fall, deer hunt land previously scouted. The next season anticipating not drawing an Iowa tag that same hunter hunts Association land in Kansas or Missouri.

Old hunters don't just fade away, they take better pictures. Bob writes: "Had a good Friday afternoon. Got there about 2:30 heard him gobble, at 4:00 after only 3 more gobbles had him in my lap. Heavy 25 pounder with a 10 1/2" beard and 1 1/2" spurs."


Off Iowa Hunting Year Choices

Missouri's OTC tags for deer and turkey make it possible for choices to fill vacation time should an Iowa hunt complete early.

A spring hunt with tags filled allowing deer stand preparation giving an greater potential for a early fall deer hunt success allowing more choice. Go home early or travel south less than an hour and continue to whitetail hunt. A hunt as much for that season as preparation for the next when an Iowa tag is not likely.

If Kansas is dreamed of there is more. A chance to tag two Rio Grandes in spring while deer scouting future spots.

Resident Advantages

Iowa hunting land at cost of writing a check rather than having to go find it with strings attached that always seem to come with someone's own spot.

Pay a little money to save time to spend in stand or blind. Plus like all of us seeing new ground is its own attraction. We have Iowa hunting land for close in short drive hunts. Outside of Iowa move on to Kansas or Missouri for adventure of more tags and different terrain.

Trophy deer

Kevin again as in the turkey harvest picture at top of page. Ignore his buck. Look at background cover. Wide open, scrub brush, small trees, slightly rolling, Kansas country. Much different than Iowa's more wooded hunting ground.

Iowa zone 4 turkey

Long time partners who hunted a small lease met to compare stories

Next, Iowa spring season.

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