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Kansas hunting includes more than Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey. Mid-America Hunting Association provides Mule and Whitetail Deer hunting at one cost.

Average folks who want private land to make their own self guided hunt.

deer huntingMany when coming to a deer hunting web page would expect to see nothing but the best trophy deer an organization has to offer.

We do have plenty of top 10% trophy deer. Many more near trophy deer. Or, a more accurate description than had we loaded all our best trophy pictures up front.

Our approach is never to oversell this Association or just how hard fair chase deer hunting actually is.

Our Kansas deer hunting approach is to provide private land for those who enjoys quality of their field days as first priority. We have trophy to non trophy hunters. All may hunt to their own level of enjoyment. A reality of a paid self guided hunter operation is most who enter into it are quality hunters. Those who are not soon become so. It is easy to see a trophy. Hard to harvest one. Those who may not initially be trophy hunters soon find once past public lands hunter mentality it becomes much easier to be selective.


Those who spring turkey hunt, scout then fall deer hunt the same collection of leases will find those golden nugget spots quicker.

fall deer hunt


Kansas Deer Hunting Price Beyond Money

A first element to agree on is that within a self guided organization there is one price that can only be paid for by hunters. That is boots on ground time.

We agree it is only through actual experience on any particular lease does full success potential develop. We should also agree this effort may take more than one or two days of observations per spot. Having several spots increase success potential.

To get started we do give recommendations of where to hunt. A lease listing of starting points longer than most can cover. Recommendations combined with pre-season scouting gains confidence for where to place a stand. Followed by hunting both spring turkey season as well as fall deer season on the same collection of leases will probably take three years of effort to maximize.

The rest of this article tells how these three hunting/scouting years are typically spent.

When To Get Started

A frequent issue is when to apply for membership. Or, what is the best time of year to start. This is a mute point.

Our membership year is for a year from time of membership allocation until that anniversary the next calendar year. This means that all who become members gain access to an entire year of hunting seasons.

Jumping into any cycle of seasons is further mute. Anyone's first year is a break-in year regardless. Due to hunters simply must get started at some point. Picking a point between spring turkey to fall deer seasons leaves a lot of options.

One option would be to gain membership in January. Scout during February to March. Chase spring turkeys with some deer scouting in April or May. Return for a fall deer trip. Repeat come January. While this may appear to be a logical approach we will now devalue it.

Self guided deer hunting means deer hunting to that hunter's desire to include his choice of rack that many find our way means their personal bests. many Association hunters travel in from non trophy whitetail states. Their being able to tag a 130 class buck is often a personal best that we fully support and encourage. We are a hunt quality organization, not a trophy whitetail hunting group.

Kansas deer hunting

roger I had another pretty good season this year. I hunted all three states this year and came away with one decent buck and a smaller one that I probably wouldn't have shot if I had taken a closer look (it was on a fast run in some high grass and I thought it was bigger). Also helped out some farmers with 5 does and a coyote (missed another one). Had some trouble with trespassers, weather wasn't good and my hunting was hard on a couple of my hunts but overall had a good year with lots of good memories. I met a really nice farmer and wife who took me in like family-they were just great!

Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to be on some really good places.
Sincerely RW

Takes More Than One Deer Hunt

We have observed through many years many success elements. One is regardless of how good our first year Kansas deer hunting recommendations may be they are transitory. Any one hunter is very likely not be on their first year lease choices by their third year of membership.

What happens is we will give all a good jump start their first year. Recommending right where to park their truck step out and scout or hunt. Typically, after any first year once a self guided hunter becomes familiar (breaks-in) to our system of much land availability with limited competition he will expand out from those initial recommendations to find new spots.

Half of the places he scouts or hunts will disappoint him. Others will be better than what he previously seen. Some he will consider his best possibly spots. After a season or two of exploring different localities that same hunter will find between 2,000 and 4,000 acres of leases where he wants to hunt. Typically, these leases will be different than his first year's spots. With more time on each hunter finds more spots to his particular liking. Change of spots often comes from we as humans often pick wrong where Mr. Whitetail wants to be. Mr. Whitetail teaches many he occupies spots most hunters would not pick.

Also common at is realization of even on a low side of 2,000 acres of spots no one hunter can cover that much ground on a single trip. Each will then begin to concentrate on his most favored leases. He will start to discover those golden nugget spots. Those spots most land has which most of us are blind to until spending a couple of days on one farm in stand. It is at this point of concentration on a handful of leases when success increases.

Archery folks more than any other illustrates how a member's/hunter's breaks-in. Many bow hunters will spend more time scouting than any other discipline. Spring turkey season is more of an excuse for more deer scouting. Bow hunters are far more likely than others to travel out for a spring turkey hunt, harvest one tom of any caliber, then spends his rest of his trip scouting.

Deer scouting success.


Deer Scout Much Deer Hunt Little

Bow deer hunters may scout more than any other. He hunts fewest leases.

It is very common for a bow hunter to hunt two different farms even if having covered a couple of thousand acres while scouting. Those leases he does hunt he also frequently waits until a last read of local weather forecasts before deciding where to go. That same hunter should he break from his pattern of hunting one or two farms, it is after a trophy he was after failed to come to fruition.

A future Kansas trophy whitetail. Pictured in January.

Kansas trophy whtetail deer

Kansas Deer Hunting Beyond Just Deer Hunting

For those planning Kansas deer hunting trip there does exist more potential adventure. Not just for trophy whitetail. Kansas offers a range of habitat with skills distinction.

Kansas deer hunting includes Mule Deer as well as Whitetail Deer. Habitat ranging from tree stand capable wood lots to big open where individual trees can be landmarks. And uniquely, large acreage of tall prairie grass which will confound a woods only hunter. This grass will frustrate may with much eyes on trophy whitetail without a chance for shot. It is a case of grasslands Kansas deer hunting that upland bird hunters have more success at finding and harvesting this open ground deer than many experienced deer only hunters. Like it or not this shows better than any other example we have observed over the years how techniques must be adapted to terrain. Deer only hunters appear to be the east flexible at adapting to changing conditions. The upland bird hunter who first observes where the bucks are then hunts according to those observations have some of the best scoring trophies.

Perhaps what Kansas deer hunting does best is give opportunity for variety. Two examples would be first early muzzleloader season in September. This gives a chance to hunt pre-rut bachelor group bucks. A behavior pattern completely devoid of any breeding behavior. A second example would be western Kansas deer hunting. This is where putting on a good pair of walking boots, carry good binoculars and a capability to shoot 300 yards plus is a difference for many.

When it comes to do it yourself Kansas deer hunting this article does not train anyone on wildlife regulations or techniques. It is simply a small picture into some options available to Mid-America Hunting Association hunters.

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