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Kansas fall turkey hunting is for both Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey.

kansas fall turkey hunts

Easy To Get In Field

Kansas fall turkey hunting pictures are rare as few chase fall season birds.

Kansas fall turkey season

Kansas is distinctive of our three states. Kansas is a liberal over counter or online fall tags purchase for resident and non-residents. A long season covering archery and shotgun. Long overlapping season with deer. Kansas also allows use of dogs during fall season.

Perhaps those who enjoy Kansas fall turkey hunting most have been archery deer hunters. They find flocks incidental to being in a deer stand. Frequently happenstance. Upland bird hunter is next at most harvests finding his dogs easily point single turkeys. Few actually seek out fall turkeys alone. This final category has been by two groups.

First, dedicated spring and fall hunters who have settled on turkey hunts as their year round pursuit.

Second, is a firearms deer hunter who takes a pre-season deer scout - fall turkey combo trip. This typically covers when hanging stands.

One other group of such low numbers not counted but to satisfy curiosity include those who seek to expand on their field time recreation. Early to open fall turkey season allows more time.

Kevin, early archery deer season.

Kansas Fall Turkey Management Units Licenses, Tags and Permits

Kansas does complicate their turkey management making a distinction between spring to fall seasons. Each with different management units. Their intent appears to limit fall hen harvest in those regions of thinner population density.

A key point to Kansas' spring turkey hunter is not to always plan on his fall season in the same unit as his spring hunt. Then just to mix it up some, Kansas' turkey management units have not remained consistent from year to year, spring to fall. They are also separate from deer management units. It's such a case that MAHA partners, Jon Nee or John Wenzel, will act as friendly points of contact to everyone assisting with getting the hunt each wants.

Another complication involves Kansas' turkey permits then tags. Essentially what it means is first is license purchased is a fall turkey season permit. In those units which allow more than one fall turkey harvested the second through fourth license is called a tag.

Finally, turkey hunters must also have a current basic Kansas license. A basic Kansas license is by calendar year. It covers both fall an spring season when within the same calendar year. Turkey permits or tags purchased separately by each season. For Kansas fall turkey hunting to be licensed appropriately means a calendar year basic license. He also has a fall turkey permit in a fall turkey unit he is hunting within. And, if permissible within that management unit a tag or more covering every fall turkey he has harvested after his first.

Yes, it may seem complicated. We will work it out. Bottom line if wanting to go Kansas fall turkey hunting we have the private land to do so.

Kevin again.

Hunters' Friendly Point Of Contact

Value to this discussion is we serve as a friendly point of contact. For Association hunters we work to insure they can navigate through state licensing to get to hunt what they want. However, we do not excuse any member from reading first hand state or federal wildlife regulations. Compliance is mandatory for continued membership. Our service is to insure everyone knows their full range of options. It remains each self guided hunters choice of what, where.

Fall turkeys

December birds, during overlapping deer season.

Kansas Fall Turkey Hunting Execution Organization

An aspect touched on earlier is we are not a hunter or hunting training organization. We are a hunt execution organization for those with the wherewithal to conduct their own hunts. We make those hunts possible through private lease land access, recommendations where spend a day or more and a local lodging listing. If this discussion seems redundant it is for good reason. Experience has show to repeat ideas most talked about on telephones.

We do not address questions as to how to conduct a hunt. In terms of Kansas fall turkey hunting a common question is how dogs may be used. Dogs on turkeys is fairly an unknown technique to many. And, we do not have those answers.

This approach is not intended to be insensitive. It is an accurate reflection of reality. There does exist only two of us that work land contracts, talk to hunters, plus work all administration. It is all the time we have each week. To this end when we emphasize we are a self guided hunter organization. Extent of our service is private land access, recommendations where chase some toms, a local lodging listing. Anything more is responsibility of each hunter.

No Baited Or Brooder Raised Turkeys

Other considerations about Association Kansas fall turkey hunting include all Kansas turkeys are wild meaning none are transplants. All are subsequent generations of resident flocks. This last point is recognition that most hunters are non-residents. They often have question foreign to our local experience. These types of question we do address. We seek to reduce as much as possible the amount of mystery associated with the first year Association hunter.

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