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Kansas hunting with Mid-America Hunting Association offers more than Eastern or Rio Grandes. It includes deer, Mule or Whitetail. Plus pheasant or quail.

All for one cost. No one hunts it all. We certainly do not charge an appropriate cost should folks actually hunt all options. Having all options is recognition most have a primary hunting interest then dabbles in a secondary interest. That is what Association pricing is fitted to.

Regional Hunting Differences

Kansas mapKansas is composed of different regions. Each distinct in terrain of food or cover composition. These regions include varying land use.

Not all of Kansas is equal in deer or turkey production. We will take much mystery out which region to spend any trip. Right down to a spot to park a truck step out to scout or hunt.

We are not limited to any driving distance around a single hunting lodge. Meaning we can make all of Kansas available to us of where to lease land. We simply lease land where we get a good return.

2017 Association Kansas Hunting Land

County names with private land acreage in that county for hunting.


Deer unitsKansas Mule or Whitetail hunts have long been a combined interest of spring season hunters. A common approach is each spring season is as much of a trip to call turkey as a fall deer scouting trip. Getting time on land as the long pole to greater success.

Non-Resident Kansas Deer Management Units map at right where we lease land. Having multiple management unit coverage gives hunters more flexibility of where to apply his skills. Some is bow friendly. Other areas well suited to long range rifle.

Kansas deer hunting


Those who spring hunt, deer scout then fall deer hunt a small locality or collection of farms from season to season seem to have more spring to fall success. Most will agree it takes more than one trip to one lease to learn of any golden nugget spots. Even after identifying one good spot it typically takes a full day in blind or stand to truly appreciate movement patterns. Getting an opportunity to work the same leases twice a year is encouraged.

Mule Deer

Mule Deer


Kansas also offers our best pheasant hunting.

Some deer hunters will if tagging out grab a shotgun to walk up some roosters just to add to their enjoyment of the trip.

Pheasant and dogHey folks,
Just a note to wish you a Happy New Year. I included a photo of my successful start of this season.

I was surprised to be able to get out again this season. I had multiple exercises then a holiday trip to Orlando. But was able to fill my game bag with three pheasants and a quail.

Daisy is doing great for not doing anything for several months. I was in Korea. Then we took our kids to Disneyland over Christmas. OK, this trip was really for me. Kids had to come since they're not old enough to be left alone yet. Things will picked up when block leave is over. I don't predict many days like this. I fully appreciate all I can get. Take care and again, Happy new year!

Joe was at this time active duty military having multiple overseas rotations.


Those with bird dogs can add a quail hunt. Many grain crop fields to be found hold coveys. Local mild winter weather allows covey and singles action. Even with open ground, quail hunts will require a dog. Coveys will be in bush that will prohibit hunter access to grass denying observation.

Quail pointJon & John,
Once again, another quail season has come to an end. It seems like time is flying by quicker each season. This is my 26th year as a member. Early on limits were common. But at this point in my life it doesn't matter. I am very fortunate to say I have hunted several club farms with 4 different generations of quality dogs.

Quail coveyConditions on my last two hunts of this season were extremely difficult. We averaged 4 coveys per day. But birds were very jumpy. They ran and flushed wild due to warm weather over many days. Then there was ice and snow making walking difficult.

I'm looking forward to spending some time with my daughter during spring.

Our quail hunting is much different than in arid states. Kansas quail hunts include much singles action, cooler temperatures, no snakes, no cactus.

Turkey with two spring, up to four fall tags. Covering the same ground as deer makes for a coming home feeling of land familiarity.

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Rio Grande Turkey

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