2017 Kansas Turkey Hunting Season

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  1. Kansas turkey hunting includes Eastern or Rio Grande.
  2. Only self guided hunts.
  3. Mid-America Hunting Association brings over 100,000 aces of private land Kansas hunting.
  4. Everyone may hunt on their schedule to fill all spring and fall tags.
  5. Fall deer hunting included.
  6. One flat cost.

Spring Kansas turkey hunting

Same hunter, two short days, two tags filled.


Eastern - Rio Grande Distribution

Kansas Rio Grande Turkey distribution

Kansas has a three part turkey identity. Easterns in east, a band of hybrid Eastern mixed with Rio Grande then pure Rio Grande out west.

Our experience over recent seasons shows Easterns - Rio-Eastern hybrid - Rio Grande Turkey distribution roughly depicted on this map. While such maps exist from a number of sources reflecting a similar general depiction it is always of interest when one or another is found crossing distribution lines. When it happens it is typically an Eastern found farther west.

Rio Grande Turkey

Kansas Rio Grande Turkey

Spring Kansas Turkey Hunting Season

Kansas spring season is daylight long.

Eight week season. Can tag two toms in one day. Shot size is 2 - 9. Covers April and May. April first week is archery only.

Kansas is divided into turkey management units which may change from season to season. Every hunter will do well to read current hunting regulations from Kansas Department of Wildlife & Park's web site

Spring tags covers both Eastern & Rio Grande.

A basic license plus a turkey tags then a permit are each required. Meaning three purchases. The turkey tags/permit is seasonal. Basic licenses cover a calendar year.

Where To Hunt

Kansas hunting leaseNames show Kansas counties. Number the amount of our private land acreage within that county. Current to 2017 hunting season.

Within our approach to paid hunts every member has access to every hunting lease. Wildlife is wild on existing habitat. An online or telephone reservation keeps every hunter separate.

Fall Season

Fall season begins October first. It overlaps with upland bird, duck, deer into January broken by firearms deer season. Archery and gun seasons is combined. Fall season runs daylight long. Dogs permitted. Up to 4 tags available depending on locality. Each tag is either sex.

Fall season is allows both Eastern & Rio Grande Turkey.

Mid-America Hunting Association Approach

We do not have any tom only limitations. Everyone should feel free to harvest a fall jake to have a tender Thanksgiving wild turkey.

This is just an introduction to our Kansas turkey hunting. Researching this web site will allow the reader to develop questions. Call us to discuss opportunities available or secure references. After that it comes down to paying the price for some boots on ground time.

A Kansas turkey hunting video.

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