it was a cold, windy morning spitting snow, but that didn't stop my 12 year old daughter from hopping out of bed at 4am to try and get her first turkey.

We only heard two birds gobble, but that was more than enough as she was able to connect on this fine bird at 20 yards with her 20 gauge. He put on quite a show at 30 yards, spitting and drumming and strutting for the hen that he could not find. Kass held her composure well, being that she had him in her sights, but I felt the shot was just a little too long and I asked to wait for him to come closer. He did, and she made a fine shot. She has stood by for many years and watched her sister enjoy the outdoors and I am very lucky to have both of them interested in what I enjoy. Another great day in the woods....the bird was nice too.


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