Two turkeys in one day setup in one spot.

I took the time to scout two evenings and one morning and found the turkeys to be in different locations each time. And each time the toms where on hens and the hens led them away. I knew this was going tot be a hard turkey hunt this early in the season. It was tough to figure out where to setup. I finally picked a spot not because of where I had seen the turkeys earlier, but more where I anticipated (hoped) they would be due to their erratic patterns.

We setup early, waited, did some calling and did not get much response. Finally well after light they came in and in one quick moment TJ's spring season was over. We got lucky.

Thanks for all, TJ's dad

The toms are just about as big as TJ. He is 11 years old.

Another a few years later.

It was a very quiet day. Sat in the tent blind for 7 hours. Had several jakes come in and finally a jake with two hens brought this tom into shotgun range. TJ


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