Dear John, What a great hunt we had the last week of Turkey Season, I harvested the biggest bird I've ever killed on Friday, The Gob weighed in at 24lbs with a 12 inch beard and over an inch spurs. I killed a Bearded Hen Saturday morning that had a 8 inch beard she weighed in at over 14lbs. We really appreciate the way that Mid-America took care of all needs and questions. We can't wait till next year! It's on to Kansas now for Mule Deer hunting, Thanks again Guys, Mid-America has been GREAT! Becky

Jon, Another great Mid-America Turkey Hunt this past spring. Our youngest son Jacob Killed a monster opening morning it weighted in at 26lbs with 5-beards totaling 36 inches total with 1 1/4 inch spurs. Caleb our 18yrs old killed one just minutes after him and it had a 11inch beard and looked like a horses tail. I killed one before 7:00 that same morning, mine was a Jake but it was the biggest of 5-coming in all gobbling their heads off it was awesome. I finished the year out with another mulit-bearded bird this one had 4-beards totaling 56 inches and was at least 25-26 llbs. All in All we had a great spring hunt with Mid-America again this year. Thanks Jon, for all your help in making our hunts Great Hunts! We look forward to hunting White Tail this fall with Mid-America. Thanks, Becky


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