From one of our active duty military and turkey hunting members.

John, Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I am PCSing to Georgia. Additionally, I wanted to let you know that being part of Mid-America has been one of the best decisions of my life. Outstanding hunting and fishing and the great friendships that you develop will last a lifetime. I learned how to hunt turkey on Mid-America land and I am now the proud owner of the 7th largest typical turkey taken in Kansas. I received a small plaque from the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks congratulating me on my accomplishment. I have now taken over four 24+ pound turkeys including the record breaker.

Hunted an 18-point buck for three years without any luck. Saw him during spring and summer, but when the time came for hunting, he was nowhere to be found. Maybe someone else will have the opportunity.

My plan is that if I am ever assigned to Missouri or Kansas again to call on your organization. I would also like to come by before I depart and get some details on possibly looking to establish something in Georgia or Virginia like you have here. Thanks, Bill Haas

Bill is an active duty military officer. The term he uses "PCSing" is the short for Permanent Change Of Station, or reassignment to another military post.

Interestingly enough the same week Bill sent this letter telling of his move to Georgia we accepted three applications from Georgia residents that want to hunt Kansas, bringing to 14 the number of Association members from that state. The majority of the Association hunters are non-resident to our three state region.

The comment Bill made about possibly starting a similar organization in his home state is one we receive in various forms every year. Requests for consultation, franchising and general expansion have been solicited and all have been refused. The response we've come to conclude is the best one is for that person not to start a hunting club, but to get someone else to and simply join. Through that method the hunter gets to hunt without any of the management hassle or work required during his prime recreational period of the year. The final aspect of those that inquire of the possibility of starting another club is they are not and never have been self-employed. Those of you that are should be smiling right now.

Over the years we have seen several "Hunting Clubs" come and go with none surviving in their original form with all having changed names and owners before closing. Most advertised themselves as good as Mid-America Hunting Association, or better or cheaper. In the end none realized it is hunt execution quality above all else that makes a good hunting organization and that hunt quality costs a good price. Running a hunting club is a lifestyle not an income choice. The only people we know that make money in hunting are named Cabelas.


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