I wanted to take a few minutes and send you both an email regarding this year's turkey season. We were rewarded this season for all of the time we've spent scouting and learning the farms we visited. Most people have had those days were they may not have scouted or even walked a particular farm but they luck into the right area and are successful. To be consistently successful you have to put in the time to study the farms and the behavior of the game you're after.

My favorite hunt this spring was when I sat with my wife and the sole purpose of that hunt for me was to get her a bird. We arrived at the farm at 4:00 a.m. and quietly got set up in one of our favorite spots. Unfortunately the closest gobble that morning was 500+ yards away on the next farm. We were already set up close to the property line so we couldn't close the distance. Instead, I decided that I had to increase the volume of my calling and hopefully peak this tom's interest. After an hour of conversation this tom had closed to within 100 yards but remained out of sight. For my final trick I threw in a gobble call in response to him and that sealed the deal. This tom came in strutting and drumming while my wife worked to control her breathing.

After watching the tom put on a show for about a minute my wife dropped the hammer and collected her biggest turkey to date. 21 pounds, 1 inch spurs, and 9 inch beard.



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