I've been a member of Mid-America going on three years now and this is my first email to you or your staff.

I wanted to send you a picture showing my first turkey which was harvested on Mid-America property. I had talked to you a few times and you made a comment about how this property was a sleeper turkey spot. Since I've been hunting Spring Turkeys for 5 years prior to this season without any luck I decided to give this property a shot.

I scouted the property on two different days prior to the season but didn't see any turkeys. The key was that the land looked good for turkeys and I was excited for the season to get here. On opening morning I worked three toms without any success. It proved right away that this was a good turkey farm. I hunted this same farm multiple times during the season and I learned a lot about where the turkeys liked to roost and where they liked to travel. Finally, on the morning of May 7th, I put all of that knowledge to work for me. I set up on the edge of the corn field well before first light. About 20 minutes before light I heard two gobblers in distant trees behind me. Instead of moving to close the distance I stayed put because I knew this was a good spot. About 10 minutes after legal shooting time I had three hens come out of roost no more then 75 yards behind me.

That morning, I had used a tree row to conceal my entrance to the field. As the three hens worked the field I moved my eyes in all directions looking for a Tom. 5 minutes later there he was. Standing 25 yards from me. He spotted my decoys and worked right into them (just like it should happen! Ha) It was all over before I knew it and after 5 years of work, my first Gobbler lay before me. It was a Jake that weighed 17 pounds and had a 5 1/2 inch beard but the numbers didn't matter to me. What mattered was the experience. I had put my time in and all of the knowledge I gained paid off on that morning. There's really nothing that can make up for putting in the hours in the field. It was a wonderful hunt and I wanted to share that with you and your staff.

P.S. Shaun did a great job handling all of my reservations and was very pleasant to talk to.


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