Hi John,
I had a good spring turkey hunt in Kansas and Missouri. I got a double bearded turkey in Kansas. It had a 10 1/2" and a 9 1/2" beard. It weighed 24# and had 1" spurs, 4/20/01 at 1650hrs. I worked at least six different birds that day. I had a group of jakes in my dekes for 20 minutes at sunrise. Plus I worked four different adult birds before shooting this one in Kansas.

In Missouri I got a 21.5# turkey. It had a 10 1/4" beard and 1" spurs, 4/23/01 at 0624hrs. I shot him at ten feet. I couldn't believe it. He came right to me after he flew down.

The story behind me finding it (turkey nest) is rather funny.

I have never been around livestock much. I have helped castrate pigs, and have helped dip sheep to keep the flies off them. That is the extent of my experience with farm animals.

The property I was hunting had cattle on it. I have walked past them several times this year and last year on the same property. As I walked down the lane on this particular morning. I was greeted by what I had thought was one cow that had gotten out of the pasture area. I just skirted around it and continued down the lane. After walking another 15 yards, I realized the fence was down and all of the cattle were moving into the lane I was traveling, (It turned out they were letting the cattle move to new pasture).

I suddenly noticed one of them seemed to be concentrating on me, the one with horns. It wasn't real big, but the horns did get my attention. From my angle, (head on), I couldn't see if this was a bull or a steer. So I began to look for trees to get between myself and the critter. I had been standing still for about 30 seconds planning my next move, (ease back out the way I came, or just slide by carefully). I took one step to my left and a hen turkey explode from the brush ten feet behind me.

I jumped! All of the cows jumped! (If cows jump that is) most of them cut loose with an anxious MOOOOOO! They got the heck outta there in a big hurry, by bovine standards. I don't remember my exact response. I believe it was unfit for print though. I looked where the hen came from hoping to see a nest. I found the nest relatively easily. (I am certain this is the first turkey nest I have seen). I snapped the picture and got away from the nest. I hope my presence didn't effect the hen too much.

It wasn't until later that I remembered spooking two hens from nearly the exact same area last year. I spooked them two different times from this spot last year.

Dann's first Missouri turkey, as a first year member. 9 3/4 beard 19.5 pounds 7/8 spur.


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