Hi John -

Please see the attached pics for my Spring 2008 turkey season. It really went well. Two years ago I was fortunate enough to harvest 5 mature birds on club property and I was trying to repeat that performance.

My season started in [location deleted] on opening Saturday. It was cold - 32F - and snowing at dawn. I called once - had 5 gobblers respond on the roost and I just shut up. The 5 birds ran to me at fly down and I shot the biggest one. His 4 'buddies' started kicking him and jumping on him. I clucked once and a couple started strutting and looking around. I dropped a second bird only 13 minutes into the hunt.

kansas spring turkey

[location deleted] was the next Saturday and it was also cold and rainy. Didn't hear anything at dawn, but started to hear 3 birds working my way gobbling like crazy. I called a couple times and one came charging in. My muzzleloading 12 gauge barked and I dropped him at 12 yards one hour into the hunt.

spring turkey

[location deleted] was nice enough to give up a nice bird. I did not hear this bird at all at dawn, but he snuck up on me and gobbled at 75 yards - almost giving me a heart attack. I called a few times and he just very slowly worked in over 45 minutes. I dropped him at 40 yards with my 870. I hunted a total of 5 more days in [location deleted] and could not fill my last tag. However, I had a great time and saw some great birds. Even called one in at 10 yards in [location deleted], but could not move my gun into position because he came in on my far left...

spring season

As always - I had a great time hunting and really appreciate all of your hard work. Leslie is a great addition to the team and I enjoy speaking with her when making reservations.

Thanks so much!!! - Dave

Dave's next turkey hunt.

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