Thanks for your letter. I had an absolutely great time and it was a unique and rewarding experience to have too many birds to deal with. I tried for the second bird on the way home (April 26) but as you know the weather turned rainy and foggy and I had no luck that day and unfortunately did not have the time to wait out the weather. How did I get my bird? Well, with so many gobbling and hens running around my meager calling was not as effective as the real thing. If I had set up 50 yards to the west of my position I would have been nearly under a tree with three hens and two toms. But anyway, after three hours of calling and inpatients on my part, I resorted to E&E (escape& evade) tactics. I stalked a flock and was successful in catching the tom in the act! I allowed for separation and took my tom at about 30 yards. Great!

I have enclosed a picture of a guy in bad need of a hair cut with his turkey. Didn't turn out too bad for a self portrait. I have no objection if you wish to use me as a reference, only give out my business phone in lieu of home. We receive so many telephone solicitations in the evening that if the person calling doesn't identify themselves immediately we hang up and I would not want to offend a potential/actual club member.

I am looking forward to the deer seasons and it appears that Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska are all open about the same time. When I get my application for Kansas draw I will be calling for a recommendation for an area. Missouri, I would like to hunt the same areas as I did for turkey. I could not believe the deer I saw. But, I will be in touch.

Take care and I'll be calling, Dick

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