Two gobblers came across the pasture at 0720 and into my decoys: I could only take out one. He's a good two-year-old bird: 11" beard, 1" spurs, and 24 lbs. Doug

Kansas turkey hunting season

John, “Better late than never” has new meaning to me as I can finally close this turkey season out on a high note. Two matching toms (11 ¼ inch beards and 1 ½ inch spurs) taken the last day of the Kansas season at 0750 and 0751...Both birds gobbled off the roost, landed to my front at 60 yards, and fed by my decoys at 0630. Luckily, they decided to come back an hour or so later. I shot the first one left-handed at 35 yards because I couldn’t move into a proper shooting position. The other bird was a little farther back, so I was able to move and switch hands..."

turkey season

Later hunt.

Not a monster (10 inch beard, 1 1/4 inch spurs, 20 lbs), but a fun hunt this morning that required a little more work than usual. For once on this farm, the toms were really active with incessant gobbling starting 30 minutes before sunrise and continuing as I walked back to my truck with this one hanging on my back at 11:30.

Regardless of what I or the hunter on the next non-MAHA property threw at him, this bird would not come off a glacial hill ridge (for those unfamiliar with [location deleted], that equates to a mini-mountain). After talking to him for well over an hour, I knew I had to start working his way. Another hour found me wading a creek, working up three benches, and staring at 60 feet of near vertical climb to reach the ridge. Two good things existed: he was still gobbling and I could just make out his tail-feathers as he hit full strut on the high ground above.

As the hunter on the adjacent property hit his box call, the bird opened up, turning his back to me and allowing me a chance to scramble up the incline. I grabbed a seat on the base of a tree that placed me eye-level with the ridge, hit a couple of yelps with my mouth call, and watched the gobbler strut within range.

Also, a word of advice for out-of-state hunters chasing turkeys in Kansas: I've found over the years that the chance to take a gobbler improves as the season moves later into May...more gobbling and much easier to pattern mature birds.
Thanks Doug

Not much of a story, but I know I'm not the only one of the opinion that May is better than April when chasing turkeys in Kansas.

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