Just a quick note and photo from the Kansas Youth Weekend for turkey hunting. Steven probably could have tagged the first Kansas turkey of the season, as a pair of jakes and a hen pitched down from their roost almost on top of us at the first hint of dawn. They stayed around for a good 30 minutes but Steven wanted to hold off to get a mature tom.

Unfortunately, we didn't see any other birds that first day. Around noon we decided to hit the fishing ponds and had a great time catching bass and bluegill until the skis got really ugly and it started to sprinkle just a bit. Saturday was markedly colder and much windier. As we set up in the cold Steven informed me he might not be as picky today! There was absolutely no gobbling to be heard, probably due to the high winds. This time a single jake and hen came into the field at the crack of dawn and the jake began strutting around our decoys. Steven went ahead and harvested the bird. We had to wait for the sun to get a bit higher before taking pictures. We spent the rest of the morning trying to fill that second tag with a mature bird but it was not to be, although we did see some more jakes. As the wind only got worse, we called it a day. As it often happens we saw a group of birds not 50 fifty yards from where the vehicle was parked, but they saw us first and were scattering before we could recognize them as turkeys.

Probably due to the weather the birds weren't cooperating much and there were few gobbles to be heard. Nonetheless, anytime a young man gets to bring home a turkey, even a jake, it is a great time for both father and son. There will be next weekend to get that long-beard! Thanks for dong all that you do to make such great hunting memories possible.


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