I just wanted to give yall an update from last weeks trip. With bow, blind, and decoys aboard, I made the 8 hour drive and settled in on a farm loaded with turks. The first mourning I settled in my double bull full of anticipation. The night before I roosted an old gobbler so I new he was close. My anticipation soon turned to disappointed by 8 am for I had not seen or heard a peep from him. At 810 I cutt real aggressive and he almost blew the blind over with an earth shattering gobble from behind me. I peeked out the blind and could see him through the tree line all blown up. About the same time a gust of wind came through the bottom and my strutting decoy did a 360. It was all the ol tom could stand. He rushed the decoy spread and gave me a easy 11 yd shot. Well, I thought It would be easy. I actually missed him just shaving a few feathers. I guess he thought the decoy had struck him for he never moved. He just starting pecking my decoy in the head. This allowed me to knock another arrow and this time my shot found its mark. It truly was an awesome hunt.

The second turkey I harvested was not at all interested in my decoy spread. He was too concentrated on one of the 40 hens he had around him. It took two afternoon hunts, and one mourning hunt to persuaded this large flock to feed by my location. Finally, I had this large flock of 40 hens and 4 mature toms feed by giving my a good shot. I just wanted to thank the maha staff for providing us hunters with a great place to hunt. Yall truly have a well run organization. Tell john jr I really appreciate all his help and patience. Thanks , Hayden

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