Jacob, Brandon, Alex and Gary

John, I finally managed to get our pictures together. Cold, wind and rain made for tougher than usual turkey hunting. We still had awesome time and punched all tags. Thanks for keeping us on good ground. Now we just need to pass the time until this fall. Jacob

The many photos sent in by members contains more to the web site reviewer than just successful hunters. This picture series also shows the background habitat of not having a stand of woods that cannot be seen through.

Some history on Jacob useful to others considering membership application. Jacob, the one in the top picture, the first of this group to take the chance and hunt with us hunted alone for several years. That by itself may not seem much. It is a jump as he travels a good distance at a cost of a good day's drive to hunt land he may not have been on before and do so in solitude. His father joined later and then left as many gray haired hunters do that while they may not quit hunting do slow down with advancing years. After that, one then another of his local home town friends joined through Jacob's sponsorship. They have now several seasons under their belt based first on Jacob's tenacity to enjoy life and the enjoyment they all share in that time away from the rest of the world that refreshes the mind and body. That may be a bit corny, it is what we all feel, at least those that enjoy the hunt.


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