Went into my area on the day before the [location deleted] opener to scout and I saw more birds in one place than I have ever seen in 20 years of turkey hunting. Birds were everywhere, both on and off the club properties. I saw one flock of a conservative 100 birds just across the section road from the property I had selected. I came in opening morning in the dark and used my locator call and at least 20 gobblers answered! all that remained was getting into a calling position from the roost tree unseen and setting up. At first light there were at least 50 birds in the tree, and gobblers sounding off in all directions. Getting a tom in range was not too difficult after that, and I took a nice 20+ lb bird with a 9" beard in short order [location deleted] but the weather turned to snow and so that tag went unfilled for now. Its a long season though, and I will definitely be back when the weather cooperates.

So, thanks again for having quality properties such as this, there is no way to duplicate this experience on public or walk in land in my view and I hunt public land in a half dozen states.


Had a good hunt in [location deleted] this past week and wanted to thank you for giving me a heads up on areas to try. As a several year member I know that is usually reserved for first timers, but it is hard to get out and scout several states away, with a busy schedule sometimes. I really enjoyed the leases in the area, beautiful country and lots of game of all types.

I took this three year old on the first morning after only hunting an hour. He needed some persuasion, but worked well after a change of calls and tactics. My second tag was filled the next day in about 5 hours, for a truly successful hunt. I stayed in a local campground which was very well run, and the folks were very nice and helpful. The fact that I could do this after the season has been open for a month and a half say's a lot about the quality of the area.

Thanks for what you do, I look forward to many more such positive hunts on our properties across the midwest.


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