Father and son hunting enjoying this kind of turkey harvest success will make for a lifetime's worth of memories.

Getting a turkey by a skilled, experience hunter is entirely different than a youth turkey hunter just developing an understanding of the hunting art. Nothing can better express the quality of turkey hunting offered by the Association than when a young person achieves this kind of success.

We arrived late so we set up a blind to scout for the next morning hunt. We listened to several quail whistle, a pheasant cackle, and watch several deer walk past the blind. One of the deer had velvet antlers with at least six inches of growth.

Right at dark we saw four turkeys fly to roost within 100 yards of our blind so we were set for the morning hunt, but we weren't sure if there was a gobbler in the trees. At first light we were glad to hear one of the birds gobble. As usual, he gobbled, gobbled and flew out the other way after some other turkey we could barely see.

We were familiar with the tree line from hunting rabbits with my little brother last winter so we packed up and made an end run around to the other side of the timber hoping he would work his way to us or the other turkey we saw may have a tom. After a wait a single hen appeared out of nowhere up to my decoy, bearded hen, two jakes, another hen and five more jakes. I watched for over twenty minutes more and suddenly I heard a put and big red head came popping over the hill. I pulled up my gun and waited a couple of minutes, which seemed like a couple of hours until this beautiful adult gobbler gave me the opportunity to harvest him. Another great turkey hunt with my dad.

Thanks for another great turkey hunt. This makes 2 jakes and five toms. This tom had 1 1/4 spurs, 10 inch beard and a second beard at 3 inches.

Sincerely, Bond

P.S. dad helped me with this turkey hunting story.


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