After having to sit out the first few hours due to a line of thunderstorms….Julie was determined to give it a go. Dad was tired and wanted to go home. After a couple blind set-ups with no luck…Julie wanted to cut-n-run…which Dad advised against.

After striking a gobbler with some excited cutting…Julie went to work and managed to coax in this nice tom. She said it was her bestest birthday present of all!

I couldn’t agree more…and I continue to learn more each time out with my daughter.

What a blessing as we celebrate Easter!

Thanks again and again and again…. Steve & Julie

Missouri youth season turkey hunting

After a slow start on a misty morning…Julie was able to coax this ole’ boy a long way with her Call Girl pot. Her calling efforts resulted in a beautiful show that we watched for over 5 minutes as the tom strutted in between the decoys. She sealed the deal at 17 yards. The bird was 25.58 pounds and sported a 10 7/8” beard and 1 1/8” & 1 ¼” spurs. A very nice longbeard!!!

It has been a privilege to watch Julie mature each year as a hunter. We were truly blessed to spend time together on yet another beautiful spring day…and enjoy nature at its finest!

Thanks, yet one more time!

Steve & Julie


I really don’t know what to say. We went out today to just have fun. The birds were tight-lipped due to heavy rain the night before. We set up and in 2 hours had called in 3 hens. Julie said…Dad, we need to move…this is not a good spot…so we picked up and walked a pasture…she found some scratching..and she saw where the turkeys had walked due to the rain in the grass…she says…Dad we need to set up in that corner…I set the decoys and she says…Dad, there is turkey drumming below us…I'm like…yeah sure Julie…the pro hunter never heard it and thought she was dreaming…I sit against the tree….she hits her pot call…and a gobbler hammers right where she said she heard drumming…I join in…and a gobbler hammers us right out in front of the pasture…the bird comes into view at 80 yards…it took 25 minutes for the bird to work in and Julie closed the deal and her season at 9:25 AM with a 25 yard shot….beautiful old tom….22 ¼ pounds….10 ½ inch thick beard…and 1" and 1 1/8" spurs. I have learned so much from my little gal this year…and I couldn't have a better hunting buddy!

Thanks again! Steve

Attached are 2 pics of Julie's trophy tom from the youth season.

She not only carries and shoots her own gun...she set up the decoys and can run a pot call with anyone. I am very proud of her...she has now successfully harvested whitetail, pheasant, and turkey...all before her eighth birthday...which was yesterday. We officially scored the bird last night...certified scale...26 pounds even... 9 3/4" beard...1" and 7/8" spurs. I've seen allot of turkeys on the ground...but none with such a big & neck/head.


Julie opened up the Kansas Youth turkey season with style. She not only shot this beautiful Kansas 25+ tom gobbler stone dead…she called it in with her very own Pink Quaker Boy box call and push pull call.

I couldn't be a prouder Dad and I consider myself a very blessed man!

Julie is amazing…I don't know what else to say…we had a wonderful hunt this morning for the Missouri Youth Opener...two longbeards came in at 15 yards and put on a great fight….it was so violent and fast moving, Julie could not get a shot…later we watched a lone hen peck one of the DSD upright hen decoys for ten minutes…30 minutes later and we had a nice strutter and 4 hens in the dekes…24 pounds….10" beard..and 1" spurs…Julie said "Dad this farm is so beautiful…and isn't nature so cool." I couldn't agree more. Steve

Julie finished off the 2010 Kansas Youth Turkey season the same way she started it. Two series of soft tree yelps off her push-pull call….and this big tom angrily flew down and attacked our DSD jake decoy…after the third attack…he cleared the decoy…came into aggressive strut….and Julie pulled the hammer…26.2 pounds….10 1/2 inch beard…and 1 and 7/8" spurs. It's been a blessed weekend in the woods with my bestest gal! Thanks again! Steve


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