The first bird, is hanging from the fence without me in the picture. This was a textbook archery hunt. I slipped in well before daylight, put up the decoys and blind, and climbed in and waited for the birds to wake up. When the birds started gobbling on their own, I realized that I was in a awesome spot. I had birds on 3 sides of me in a small field. With barely enough light to see the field, birds started dropping in from all directions. With very little calling, I soon had a hen and a tom working my way. They both came from behind and within inches of the blind. As they came into view, I was very surprised to see the hen in full strut, as well as the tom. I brought the bow to full draw, and released the arrow at about 6 yards, right into the head of the tom.

Due to the fact, the day before, I was doing drive bys and spotted a tom strutting in the alfalfa field on one of our properties. After I changed reservations, I decided to drive by the gate to see if the bird was there because I knew if he was in the field I wouldn't be able to park at the gate. To my great surprise, there was not ONE strutting gobbler in the field, but NINE!! I nearly crashed my truck trying to get to the north side of the property to park and grab my gear and get in the field. I got my blind and decoys set up at close as possible without spooking the birds. A short 15 minutes later, I had a large tom working toward the decoys, but a large cedar forced him around behind the blind. I couldn't figure out what to do with the bird strutting 20 yards behind me, so I just unzipped the door and shot him with my bow!! (The picture of this bird is the one with me in it.)

And, Kevin's late season buck.

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