Decided to spring turkey hunt a few days with my bow for the 1st time, mainly for scouting purposes. The 1st Sunday I set up my blind and never heard a gobble, but the second Sunday I had 4 mature toms, at least a dozen jakes and maybe 20 hens roosted all around me.

They all pitched down in the corner of the field I was set up on. Two of the toms attacked my decoy, knocked it to the ground and strutted around it. Shot the first one broadside and he went down like he was hit with a 3 inch mag. The second tom kicked and pecked him a couple of times and commenced to strutting around my decoy and the downed bird. Took a shot at the second tom in full strut from behind. He ran about ten yards and went down.

I've done a lot of hunting in my lifetime. This was a day I'll remember forever. Thanks for the variety of quality land you provide us to hunt.

Filled tag 4 for Missouri and Kansas in 5 days. Outstanding season! The tom above had the best beard and good weight.

I was hunting the edge of a flooded creek bottom. He was roosted above flood water and worked his way to me across some high ground and must have drug his tail feathers through the water. It was an unusual sight to see a tom in full strut with soggy tail feathers. Thanks again, Kevin

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