The best thing I can think to say about our turkey hunt was that there sure were a lot of toms together. Normally I would not like to see toms grouped up. If they are chasing hens they shouldn't be grouped up and we hunters have a better chance of taking a tom if he is chasing hens. However, there were evidently a few toms away from the groups that were interested in our calling because we took 6 birds in 2 days among 4 hunters. Pretty good success ratio! There were lots of turkeys on the lease we hunted. Usually just hearing 5 or 6 birds gobble in the morning is good, but we were hearing between 20 & 30 toms gobbling in the roost every morning.

I took my nephew Michael turkey hunting the 1st weekend after Wednesday's opening and we had "fun", but harvested no birds. I must however acknowledge my nephew for his maturing as a hunter. He had no less than 6 opportunities to take birds, but chose to pass for various "ethical" reasons. Several birds were jakes (within 25 yards) that he chose to pass on because he was holding out for a mature bird. We had several birds fly into the roost all around us and chose not to shoot any "in-flight" or in the roost (for obvious reason), had 2 mature toms in full strut at 25 yards but not a clean shot through the trees, and had 4 mature birds walk within 10 yards of us right at dusk (probably past legal shooting time). We acted responsibly in all cases and my nephew learned a lot those 2 days about when it is right and when it is wrong to shoot.

A very funny thing happened during the hunt with my nephew. Saturday evening we had probably 50 or more birds fly into the trees ALL around us. We had to wait till dark before trying to sneak out so as not to bust the birds from their roost. At about 8:15 PM we started sneaking out, but many birds were flying off the roost. We made it 2/3 of the way, when my nephew muttered that poop just hit him in the neck. No sooner had he said these words when a bird flew off from above. The turkeys were so thick (in the roost) that my nephew actually got pooped on by one of them while trying to sneak out from under them. I told him he is the only one I know that has been pooped on by a wild turkey. The next day while hunting, we stumbled in to a bunch of morel mushrooms. We were picking away when I found a small rotten mushroom. I tossed it over and hit Michael on the head with it. He asked if I hit him with a mushroom. I told him "no", a turkey must have pooped on you.

His response was classic. He said "No that wasn't poop. I know what turkey poop feels like and that wasn't turkey poop." Funny thing is, he wasn't lying. The boy actually does know what turkey poop feels like when it strikes you on the head / neck!! It seems his turkey hunting experiences are in some ways passing me up.



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