Dear Jon,

I appreciate your interest in us boys down here in Arkansas. Wade and I really enjoyed ourselves this year. We each harvested 2 turkeys this spring in Missouri and Kansas. Also, missed a couple and passed up some lesser turkey.

You would not believe how nice it was for us to turkey hunt on all this property by ourselves. Down here in Arkansas you better have your track shoes on to outrun all the other hunters to a turkey. The hardest part for us this year was trying to get used to walking across someone else's property without personally talking to the landowner. Will take some getting used to.

Signs are posted to corner posts and in some localities we must re-post the signs during the season. The maps are updated online within 2-3 days of any lease contract. Our maps also have road names as do 90% of the rural road intersections have road names posted.

I guess my only concern is the lack of club signs on some of the property. I passed up some areas because I just wasn't sure what was ours and how up to date the maps are. If you ever need any help hanging signs down in southern Missouri or Kansas I would be glad to volunteer my time. Good chance to learn the property. I am off Monday-Thursdays. So if I can help please let me know.

I imagine I bugged you enough this year on asking where to hunt and I will probably be hitting you up come deer season. I love to bow hunt. Hopefully, I will draw for Kansas. If you get any time to bow hunt and want someone to tag along give me a call.

The girls at the office were great to us new boys. We are very impressed so far. What's the chances of getting more property in south Missouri and Kansas?

Sincerely, Larry


Sorry it took so long to get you some turkey pictures. Had a very good year again. Lots of long beards this year. The picture of the two turkey on my tailgate are the 2 that Wade and I doubled on. Not a good picture, but one had 2 beards for 18 inches total and the other that Wade got had 4 beards for, I think, 37 or 38 inches total. I appreciate the help this year and will be calling this fall. Maybe you will have a giant whitetail tied up for me.
L arry


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