"...We did well in [location deleted] with the ducks on the days we hunted. Sam and Steve each got deer. Sam shot a buck and Steve shot one button buck and one doe. The one nice buck that I saw managed to keep a tree between us. Oh well. That's hunting...We had a great hunt this turkey season...We set up by the barn and had a nice gobbler fly down in the field opposite of our setup. I gave him some calls but he would not cross the field to us. He was only 100 yards away. A Jake came into the field and he ran him off then he left. We decide to set up on the opposite side the next morning. We got in there early and it was raining a little. We did not hear any gobbling. At 6am I gave a few calls and a nice big Jake flew down right to the decoys. Sam and I were set up together. I told Sam to take him if he wanted. So he shot him. It was still very early so we stayed. At 7 I called again and had a gobbler sound off to our left. I called a few more times but got no response. We waited. Soon he showed up in full strut coming right to the decoys. I shot him at 12 yards. He had a 10 inch beard and weighed about 22 pounds. We had a great time..."



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