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Awesome hunt this morning...had to move twice after initial setup did not produce the desired results. Once I managed to get within their comfort zone, they all but ran over each other to get to me. MattMissouri turkey hunting double bearded tom.

Missouri turkey hunting season

Hey John…I am pleased to be able to write you once again this spring turkey season. Jarod killed his first [location deleted] gobbler this past Saturday in [location deleted] County. Good morning turkey hunt – calm and clear with lots of gobbling and the turkeys well dispersed on the property…you could screw something up on one bird but still have opportunities. We called in this gobbler from across a plowed field. He came right in to our setup after about an hour and a half, gobbled several times and strutted over the last 60 yards or so. Jarod shot the bird at 17 paces. Nice gobbler with a 10-inch beard and 7/8-inch spurs. There were at least 6 other birds gobbling on our property that morning but [location deleted] County was calling.

We drove out to [location deleted] County Saturday afternoon and turkey hunted that evening and Sunday morning. The turkeys out there were acting like it was the first of April rather than the middle of May…with hens and lots of fighting and scrapping amongst themselves. We first got on to a flock of jakes (5 or 6) with two long-beards and two hens. We couldn't do a thing with them except make ‘em gobble. Later, we finally got a bird worked up about 10:00 yesterday morning but he seemed disinclined to crossing a steep-banked creek. He actually walked around the upper end of the drainage and started back towards us, got near the edge of the field before running into a live hen and following her off the other way. Wind was blowing 20 – 30 mph with 40 mph gusts. Lots of turkeys out there and I have never seen so many jakes in one area…makes you start thinking about next year and all the two-year-old turkey that might still be around.

I included a couple of photos of Jarod and his [location deleted] turkey. The boy is definitely hooked!


Hey John:

As a proud dad I would like to brag on two of my turkey hunting kids for a moment and provide this trip report and photos...

Missouri - Youth Turkey Season

Jarod - 13 years old - nice gobbler Saturday morning in the wind and rain...called in one gobbler but he hung up about 80 yards out and decided not to come closer...less than one hour later, I called in 5 long-beards...they came into the decoys in a big "pod"...Jarod shot the only gobbler he could see from the blind at 42 yards...the other four, including the only strutting bird were out of his line of sight but only 20 - 30 yards from the blind.

Mariah - 11 years old killed her first gobbler ever Sunday about 12:00...the morning was clear, calm, and cold (frost) and the turkeys gobbled good on roost but shut up when they hit the gobbles until while "prospecting" we struck this bird who responded well and came straight in gobbling and strutting the last 50 yards after seeing the decoys...came to within 15 yards in a continuous strut. It was one of the most perfect turkey hunts I've had in a while with the bird responding well and often, weather was as good as it gets...just cool enough to feel good laying against a tree in the sun, and the gobbler spitting and drumming for quite a while at less than 15 yards but so totally focused on the decoy that I was able to whisper instructions to my daughter without attracting his attention. Mariah made the shot with her single-shot .20 gauge at 14 yards. Incredible turkey hunt.

Kansas - first day of Youth Turkey Season

Jarod and I were in Kansas Friday morning...3 longbeards, 2 jakes, and 8 hens roosted together...we got to within 150 yards before setting up but they all flew down together and ignored us completely at around 100 - 120 strutting gobbler was breeding hens and the 2 jakes were running around in circles when another flock of turkeys moved in from the north and started gobbling...all three longbeards and 2 jakes on our side of the creek immediately ran to the creek, flew across, met up with the other flock of turkeys and they all got to fighting, chasing each other all around the field...we could see them through the trees and they really got into it...the 3 gobblers and 2 jakes left the hens standing around wondering what had happened...the hens eventually began feeding across the field in front of us when two coyotes came out of the creek and busted them...I started squeaking then soft hen calling and the coyotes came around the field edge right up to our position...Jarod busted the first coyote to come in. A great turkey hunt.

Caught a ton of fish big ones but dozens anywhere from 6-inches up to 14-inches or so and found a real unique rack/skull intact in a burned field...the rack was a 13-point (one kicker off the left base) with matching double-tined G3's, but one brow tine and the G5 and G6 on the right side busted off...I'll take a photo and send it in later.


Hey MAHA crew...wish I had exciting MO turkey hunting stories to tell but while the hunts went well there was not much out of the ordinary. Gobbling in the morning...get on turkeys early or suffer the consequences of hens...sometimes get them fired up mid-to boiled down to being in the right place at the right time. Setup seems to matter more and more these days and being careful when moving on turkeys after they've flown down is still important. Knowing the lay of the land is key to all of the above and this season I've hunted club ground I am very familiar with so things seemed to work out well...for me anyway. My kids have had trouble keeping up and on mornings when they decided to stay in bed rather than follow me around chasing turkey they missed out on opportunities to wrap their tag around a gobbler's leg...well, they still seem to have fun chasing the birds around, but they're just not quite as driven as me. Here are some photos of my spring turkey plus a couple showing how nice it is once the rain cleared...after two days of near drowning conditions the sun was very welcome indeed.


P.S. - Thought you all might be interested in seeing my youngest son's first wasn't killed on club ground but seeing as how he has basically been raised hunting, fishing, on MAHA properties I thought you all might enjoy seeing his first bird anyway.

Thanks Matt for a continuing and seemingly endless demonstration of what can be done and with children.



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