Randy, Ralph, and Robert

Jon/John - Randy here in South Carolina.
The three "R's" (Randy, Ralph, and Robert) just returned from another great turkey hunt in [location deleted]. Thanks again to everyone at Mid-America Hunting for your assistance. Although the Wx was difficult with rain, thunderstorms, and high winds for all but a couple of hunt days, we had a successful hunt. We found turkeys on all the properties we visited and managed to get our birds. We saw plenty of deer and heard pheasants and quail doing their morning and evening calls. The turkeys were gobbling on the roost and very little after fly down except for a few days when they really sounded off for several hours. Again, appreciate the work everyone on your staff do on behalf of the association.

When I first started hunting in your area the chiggers and the ticks were winning however I purchased some of the Buzz-Off clothing and it does appear to work. Previously, I always taped the pants at the ankles and use duct tape around the top of my boots plus a ton of bug spray before dressing and even tried soaking down with skin-so-soft in attempt to avoid the pests. However, this did not work 100% of the time. We always collected a fair share of pests. The past three we have managed to go chigger or tick free. The only difference is now we use the Buzz-Off clothing in additional to the measures mentioned above. Might pass it on for information but not an endorsement.
Attached are a few pics! Randy

Jon - as one of the military members of the Association, I would like to commend you and your staff on the exceptional manner in which you manage the association. Being in the military and moving every 2-3 years it is a challenge to locate available hunting land in a timely manner. In fact, about the time you make the necessary contacts it is time to move to another post. Mid-America Hunting Association solved that problem allowing me to hunt birds more vice knocking on doors attempting to gain access. Although I joined the club primarily for the upland hunting, last year I decided to try my hand at turkey hunting and have become hooked. My upland hunting the past two winters helped me located tracts of land that held considerable number of turkeys. Using this knowledge, I was able to harvest two nice turkeys in [location deleted]. Last Friday, I filled my first tag in [location deleted] and saw several more nice turkeys. In addition, I was able to take my friend Linda (an Association member) and she tagged her first ever turkey. I will send you some pictures when they return from the developer.

For the deer hunters, I can attest to the quality of the deer in [location deleted]. Each season I jumped several 150 class deer bedded in the CPR or is it CPR grass while hunting upland game.

Thanks again for providing such an outstanding service.

Respectfully, Randy

Friday's Turkey Story Weather was cool and a light rain was falling at the beginning of the turkey hunt. Rain would intensify as the morning passed. Heard turkeys gobbling at 0605. Managed to get within approximately 200 yards of a group of turkeys gobbling on the roost. Set up two decoys (hen and Jake) and did some light calling. They responded but not sure if they were just gobbling or answering the purrs and yelps I was producing. They flew down at 0615, there were four long beards, four jakes, and three hens. Watched them for over an hour as they fed and played with the hens. Finally a turkey group broke, three of the long beards, a Jake, and a hen started moving in my direction. The three long beards spotted the decoys and moved closer, as they moved forward I was attempting to determine which one I should take. Then I noticed one them had two beards. At about 35 yards they stopped, then one of the long beards moved toward the decoys. At 10 yards, he became suspicious of the setup and started to move slowly away at a 45 degree angle. The other two long beards joined him and at 40 yards they separated enough for me to take the two bearded tom. After the shot they ran off a short distance and then returned to attack the down bird. I watch two toms attack and circle the downed bird for the next hour and ten minutes. They finally moved off about 60 yards and just stood there. It now began to rain quite hard so I pretended I was calling cows after about the fifth howl they finally departed. I would have given anything for a video camera. One of the toms even flew over the top of the decoys but after a 30 yard flight turned around and came back to the downed bird. Needless to say that was quite a turkey hunt I will not forget, two and half hours went by in what seemed like minutes.

Results: 22 pound, two bearded (9.5 inch and 6 inch) Eastern Turkey killed in [location deleted] on opening week.


Jon/John - just a short note to thank you and your staff for another successful Spring Turkey season. We had good success on hearing and seeing turkeys on all the different properties we hunted. We had a great time but we had to work it hard to get our limits in [locations deleted]. Found several turkey nests with eggs and I attached a photo of one of the nests that had 25 eggs. Appreciate the patience of your receptionist in handling our reservations. HOO-AH! Randy, Ralph and Robert

...the pictures of the turkey eggs and nest were taken on 28 Apr. We saw another nest with five eggs on 23 Apr. We had to deal with more rain days, thunderstorms and tornado watches this past season then any previous years but it didn't keep us from the hunt. Hopefully the early Spring rain will help out with the upland game. Thanks for the response.

See Randy's next turky hunt.

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