Great Hunt

Hey ya'll, Rex checking in with an update on my spring turkey travels.

Can't say enough about the fun I had this spring in [location deleted]. My brother Dan and I made the pilgrimage from northern Indiana to [location deleted] for the opener. We met a couple of college buds at [location deleted] St. Park at our campsite. My friends hunted on some public ground in the area while Dan and I set out for our reservations. It never ceases to amaze me of the amount and quality of game in this area. I filled my first [location deleted] tag at first light Thurs Am, saw 4 or 5 gobblers and many hens. The new decoy set called 'pretty boy' and 'pretty girl' were awesome and worked better than I had expected. I have a real fan on the male decoy and the birds literally came running into my spread.

I shot my first gobbler early and the secondary gobbler kept hanging around so I tried a shot at around 55yds, but missed. I passed on several jakes the rest of the weekend, my gobbler was 24lbs, 1" spurs and a 9" beard. Didn't fill my second tag by Sunday, so this trip was done and we headed home.

Went home for a week to pour a large concrete job, pay the monthly bills and finance my next stint for the [location deleted] opener. This trip was by myself, arrived the day before and set up camp, cooked supper and rolled around all night in anticipation for the morning. Man was I blown away by the action opening morning in [location deleted] Co.

Again, I set up the 'pretty boy and pretty girl' decoy set with a real turkey fan out about 20 yds in a planted corn field. Surprisingly there was not a lot of gobbling, however it didn't take long before a pair of gobblers saw the spread and preceded to come strutting from 100 yds. While I was watching these two come in, strutting their stuff, 4 more gobblers came running into my spread from my rear. If you pull up the Cabalas web site and find the advertisement for the pretty boy and pretty girl, pull up the video clip of Knight and Hale. My action was just as good if not better than that. I smoked the biggest one of the 4, he turned out to be a monster at 26 lbs, 10" beard, and 1 1/2" spurs. What a morning, it was over too fast!!!!!, with [location deleted] regs, I was done for a week, so I had another [location deleted] tag to fill, I headed south.

Arrived at [location deleted] St. Park that afternoon, got my reservation and hit the woods again on Tues am. Man, the good Lord blessed me again this morning with another exciting hunt. The gobbler was roosted around 125 yds away, and gobbled his head off after hitting the ground. I worked him in with several sequences of yelps until he saw the decoys and it was over. He came in aggressively to the pair of decoys, just like in [location deleted]. He was not as big as the previous bird, but none the less a nice one.

What an awesome time I had in the spring turkey woods, probably the best I have ever had for the amount of time I spent.

Thanks again for providing such wonderful hunting properties. We don't have anything close to this in Indiana. It was very peaceful and was not bothered by anyone, and didn't hear very many shots in the distance.

The pics are in order of my hunts. Sincerely and God Bless, Rex A


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