Thanks Rhett.

For the rest of us Rhett has shared his pictures with all of us between deployments and restrictive assignments. He is a regular Army officer that has sustained his personal interests in a career that demands as much of a life style dedication as a professional dedication.

The professional side of being a military officer is a complete mystery to the general citizen. Officers must meet specific quality gates of performance, promotion and educational requirements on a fixed schedule. This is an up or out system that if slacking off a bit means they are out working the civilian career market. About the only other organization that has a sharper organizational promotion pyramid is the Catholic Church. The difference is a priest can stay a priest for as long as wanted. Army officers do not have that option. This is a poor attempt to illustrate that when folks like Rhett now facing another war zone tour on top of his earlier deployments can find the time to enjoy life few of us have any excuse for not doing the same.

And, Tom, one of the earlier updates with dog and turkey. He too is in the Army showing the same ability to enjoy his career and personal life.

"...his beard is about 6" long, odd for a jake...No birds got where I needed them on Saturday morning...I was covered in turkeys both Sat and Sun morning...To add to the challenge of taking a turkey with bow I also had my 5 yr old son along with me - between the turkeys, deer and horned owl nest behind us, he had plenty to keep him interested and still...No shortage of turkeys where I was at...". Take care- Rhett

Attached are a few photos of the natural blind I used for bowhunting. I added some graphics to a couple of them to depict shooting lanes and an observation hole. I have a pop-up blind, but natural human laziness resulted in my using this spot instead of bringing in the blind. Some disadvantages are that it is easy to get busted from birds moving in the creek bed in the rear and you can potentially get picked off by roosted birds a little easier, resulting in them coming down far from the adjacent corn field.

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