Pictures from opening weekend in [location deleted] spring turkey. I and Robert . We each harvested our first turkeys ever! Robert is a first year member and I'm in my fourth. Both turkeys were jakes, but gobbled, strutted and acted like adult birds. It took us over an hour to coax them in and by the time they were close enough to shoot them we didn't care because we knew we had worked hard for them.

Dear Mid America Hunting Association,
I've been a member for several years now and have never written to thank you for the wonderful job everyone there does. I really enjoy being a member and heartily recommend joining to anyone who loves to hunt.

I just recently killed my first two turkeys on your properties, one in [location deleted] and one in [location deleted]. I'm sure you can imagine my pride when I called the turkeys in and watched them work just the same as the ones on television. I figured I beat the odds when I killed the first and couldn't believe it when I bagged my second turkey. I'm already looking forward to next year.

What I've enjoyed most about the organization has been pheasant hunting on club land. My dog, Coco, and I have had some great hunts together. We don't score a limit every time we go, and occasionally, we get skunked, but most of the time we do pretty good and we always have a great time. I'll say this about the club land: the hunts are not' gimmies' - you have to work at it to get into the birds. If I wanted guaranteed hunts, I'd pay a preserve to plant birds and shoot stupid birds. Nothing is more satisfying than outsmarting a wily old late-season cock pheasant and watching it fold in front of your gun.

Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to another great year.


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