Simon Brothers, Nick, Jeremy and Greg

Hi John and everyone at MAHA,
Spring turkey season started out pretty good for us once again. The first morning of our hunt Greg and I (hunting in different locations) had toms just out of range but gave a good idea for what was next. Jeremy had a lot of turkeys just across the property line. After lunch we moved in on some strutting toms where I was able to connect on the first of the hunt. That afternoon Greg went back to his morning location where he intercepted two real good birds coming back to roost, two shots and he was tagged out. Jeremy and I heard turkeys that afternoon but no connection. Next morning all turkeys went other direction so once again met for lunch and found ourselves watching four toms separate from two hens only to head our way. Jeremy and I spread out and literally waited for the turkeys to get back onto our property while Greg watched from a few hundred yards away. The first bird to present a shot to Jeremy was an old tom with 1 1/2 in spurs weighing in at 23 lbs. The count is now 4 birds 2 days. That afternoon once again, heard and saw turkeys but none close enough. The third and final morning the turkeys once again went away but Jeremy was able to intercept and he was done as well. Greg and I put a good stalk on two toms but some jakes came in from behind and spoiled the setup. Not a bad weekend though, 5 toms 3 days 3 hunters...

I filled my second tag on May 2. Spitting rain all weekend and flooded creeks made for a tough hunt. No gobbles in the morning so I went on the stalk. I found a tom and hen together in the point of a field near a creek. After wading the creek and belly crawling 30 yds to a brush pile 15 yds from the edge of the field the turkeys were within 100 yds and still feeding my way. With a few soft yelps they were interested but not coming a lot closer. The hen started feeding away so I poured out some aggressive clucking and perrs, she turned and brought the tom in to 35 yds where he finished my turkey season.

A big thank you to everyone at MAHA for the work they do so well so we hunters can enjoy great hunting year after year.



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