Jon had another successful hunt with MAHA. Hunted for two days in [location deleted] before finding a pocket of birds on another parcel which where roosted right off the road. Went in on Friday and set up to close to roost but eventually had this tom come back up the creek on opposite side and got him to respond to a box call but wouldn't cross over to me. In desperation a tried a call I haven't used for years because it normally sends them running but with the high winds I felt I needed to make sure he was hearing the call and thought I might challenge him so I used my gobble call. Boy did it work as he came running over to my side coming within feet of the blind to stop puffed up in front of my tom decoy. That’s bow hunting for you, hours of sitting thinking what if and should of, then all of a sudden wham all heck breaks out, you gotta love it. Thanks again for all your hard work.

nonresident turkey hunter

spring turkey

Went into [location deleted] Wednesday night after work and getting there late just set at field edge and watched for birds going to the roost. Saw several good toms and couldn't wait to go back on a full day hunt. With all the rough weather today I decided that I'd probably be lucky to get in several hours before being stormed out so I took the shotgun. With thunder, lighting, rain and bad weather threatening, the birds came off the roost well after light. With a few fly down calls I had 4 longbeards coming right into the decoys. First time to hunt this property and again was very impressed with the quality of habitat. One day of scouting is well worth the time. Only ended up raining less then 1/2". Thanks again for such a great Assc.


took off a few days last week to hunt [location deleted] turkey. started hunt on Tuesday in [location deleted] . I got in late and turkey were on the ground right where I had planned to set up blind. I set up anyway and heard gobbling both up and down the creek. Had two toms coming in and a hen came from the other direction and cut them off.

Next about a hour later a good tom came from the north. He had a nice brushy long beard. He came within about forty yards but no chance with my bow. Off he went down the creek. Then a dry spell but still gobbling up and down the creek. Could not get any takers so I pulled out the latest Turkey Call magazine and proceeded to read. About two hours later I heard a racket to the west of the blind. Peeked out the window and saw 4 toms charging my double bull blind. I grabbed my bow deciding to take one but I missed at 12 yards. I would like to say I called them in from a mile away but I was reading and they did it on their own. Just got too excited too many fluffy feathers. Set the rest of the day saw hens but no more toms.

That day I saw 7 toms total only the 4 close enough. Talked to Shaun and left at noon headed for [location deleted]. Called in 3 toms. Two came from the north and one from the west. All three came to the blind at the same time. Put a arrow in one at 10 yards 5 inch beard others never stuck around. Saw one hen then left to scout before dark. Came back the next day and nothing, but had two toms gobbling their heads off very close to me. Left at about 2 pm called Shaun and headed to [location deleted].

The next morning I got messed up and took wrong turn by the time I got to the parcel the turkeys were talking I hurried across the corn field and set up next to the creek. After sun up I saw the corn stalks were too tall all tom talk was east of me so I packed up blind and decoys and went to the pasture. Set up and the turkey were still east of me so I picked up again and setup one more time. By this time it is noon and I had talked to turkey but no favorable responses. So I had yet to see a turkey but decided to stay put and I had heard a lot of racket the morning. Well It was about 2 pm and very hot I woke up from my accidental nap and was feeling sorry for my self. Then heard a gobble. This tom came up the creek I called very little. He answered very little but he came my way. I could not see him but I quit calling when he was about 100 yards. Watched out of window and finally saw him peek over the creak edge. He drummed and fanned very slowly to my decoys. I was able to arrow him at 10 yards. He had a 9 3/4 beard. He put on a great show. The great part about all this is I had hunted two of these units in previous years but had done no scouting as had to hunt my home state. I was able to get 3 in nebr but not near the action as [location deleted] many more birds. The [location deleted] property is great. My hunting partner Steve shot a nice tom with shotgun also in a new unit for him. All in all it was a great week.

Two of these units were places you referred me to my first year in the club. New members are lucky to have you to help them out.

I have yet to kill a bird in [location deleted] . I tried the [location deleted] area last year where Steve got one with shotgun. I am going to try it with bow. Do you have any suggestions near the north part of state where the pressure might be favorable to a bow hunter??? Thought of trying the unit where Steve shot his January buck.

Thanks again Steve


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