Hey John,
I intended to send you some turkey pictures last month, but it just did not happen. Got to busy between keeping up with work, hunting and fishing. Here is a few pictures of this year's turkeys.

Went out to [deleted] and shot a Rio in the middle of Ks season. That was a lot of fun turkey hunting a different type of bird. I did not find quite as many turkeys out there but they do seem to work better and you can call them in from a much longer distance than the easterns. Many times hunting easterns in [location deleted]. I would hear up to 10 to 20 turkeys gobbling on the roost in the morning. Hunting the Rio's I would only hear 1 or 2 gobbling on the roost. I got both my birds in [location deleted] and [location deleted], but nobody was home to take a picture of my other turkey that day.


Here is a picture of my opening morning turkey and my 4-year-old future turkey hunter showing off the beard.

It was an incredible turkey hunt. Walked in at about 5:45 AM and was hearing toms gobbling in all directions. When I got to my spot I had to crawl out into the field and set up my decoys to keep from spooking the turkeys in the trees. When I finally got set down next to a tree, I had 4 toms gobbling within 80 yard and I could hear 10 to 15 more gobbling within earshot range. The turkeys started flying down about 6:20 and within a few minutes I had one Tom strutting and coming in to my decoys. This seamed too easy, but at about 60 yards he hung up and would just strut back and forth. In the mean time about six turkey flew down on the hillside at about 120 yards, just over a hill. After about 15 minutes of calling and watching this tom strut and gobble, three toms and three hens came over the hill and started working toward the decoys. When they got close to the tom that was hung up this one decided he was not going to be last getting to my decoys so he and the other toms came racing one another into the decoys.

Now I had the problem of which one to shoot and then waiting until I had a clean shot at just that one. This took 5 to 10 minutes, which seemed like a 1/2 hour waiting and holding the gun up. Then finally the one I though was the largest was separated from the other 6 and my decoys and I took the 15-yard shot. Turkeys jumped and flew in all directions all except the one I had picked out and shot. It was all over at about 6:45 AM.

This one weight 22 1/4 pounds with a 10" beard and had 3/4" spurs, he was a big boy for probably being only a 2-year-old.

Thanks for the great turkey hunting spots. Steve


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