I wanted to email you and personally thank you for the assistance with our first turkey season as new members and share our success photos. Your suggestions were very helpful in allowing for a very successful hunt for my son Austin who harvested his first Eastern turkey. As evidenced by the smile in the pictures he had a great time! I was also fortunate to harvest a turkey as well the following day. I have also included a picture of the turkey that I harvested in [location deleted] the week prior on a solo hunt (I need to work on my camera skills). I am looking forward to hopefully many more opportunities to enjoy hunting with my son as members of this quality organization. Again I offer my thanks to you and the rest of the association for providing a great opportunity for families to enjoy quality hunting time together!

...We had another very successful turkey season together thanks to you and the rest of the MAHA team. The opportunity to spend time with my son hunting is invaluable to me and I again appreciate the quality opportunity the club offers us. As you know we travel a fair distance to be able to do this each year but it is worth it and I am looking forward again to next season as well. Harvesting the birds of course was enjoyable but the time together was the real reward for me. Thank you once again for all of your efforts on behalf of the club members. Steve


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