To Say that I am extremely pleased with the club would be an understatement. If all can have the turkey hunting success that I had on my first two trips it would be wonderful.

I must say that when I got to the turkey hunt place that Jon sent me I was a little uneasy. I arrived early so I would have plenty of time to scout the day before season opener. After driving around some and walking some, I decided to come back just before dark and see if I could hear or see any turkey. The area was nothing like the areas that I have been use to turkey hunting in Ohio and Indiana. It was mostly pastures just broken up with tree lined ditches. That night after a short hike I picked a high spot in one of the pastures that gave me a good look at the area. I had been there over an hour when I saw a turkey way in the distance. I watched it through the binoculars for a while and then saw a small turkey group in another field. It wasn't long before I picked up another turkey group and then they started flying up to roost I heard some more. I stayed in the field until well after dark.

For opening morning I decided to setup between two of the closes turkey groups I had seen. I was there plenty early and setup where I thought would be good. When the toms started to gobble of course I decided to move. One of the toms was really sounding off. I decided to chase him and as luck would have it he was on the other side of s deep ditch. After crossing it I picked my spot and waited on him. I gave a couple of soft yelps and he gobbled right back. I waited until he was on the ground before calling again and I saw him come into the pasture. I didn't know it but he was following a hen. They went over a small rise in the field and I started to call more often. He answered every yelp and gobbled several times between my calls. The hen came over the rise and was looking straight at me. Putt and she flew away. I was surprised the tom kept coming. He walked right in and I shot him at twenty five yards. Twenty-two pounds with a ten and three quarter inch beard and one inch spurs.

What a way to introduce oneself into the Mid-America Hunting Association. Hoping that this turkey hunting trip was not just a fluke, I went back out later in the season to try my luck again.

I didn't get to the area as early the night before that I arrived so I didn't get out in the fields to scout and listen as long as I had before. As I was hurrying to get out, I looked out and saw a lone turkey at the edge of a tree line. I watched it for a long time and didn't see or hear any other turkey. I decided to try this one since he was by himself. This turkey hunt was just like out of the books. He gobbled to my yelps, to an owl that was close by, to other toms further away and even to a cock pheasant that started crowing. When he flew down he continued to gobble. He was quiet for a couple of minutes and when I looked out in the pasture, he was coming right to me. Twenty yards, twenty pounds, ten-inch beard and one inch spurs.

Two turkey hunts, two toms within a total hunting time of less than an hour. Of course that doesn't count scouting and travel time. I had planned three days of turkey hunting time for these trips. It was nice to finish a hunt early and not be hoping until the last minute.

The enclosed picture is of the first tom and since I was hunting by myself the camera was sitting on a fence post. The second turkey's pictures didn't turn out very good, the dew was still on the grass and it made it look strange.

Needless to say I would highly recommend the Association to anyone. However, you must be willing to put the time and effort to make any trip a success. There is no shortcut to learning the skills needed to harvest any game, especially turkeys.

As someone from out of state, it was nice to just drive out and have a place to turkey hunt. I plan on getting out again to try some varmints and it won't be long before all the other good stuff will be back in season.

Thanks again, Tim


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